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June 20, 2010

Mark Kirk: Man of Steal

The fact this is the most recent photo on the dissembling Mark Kirk’s Facebook page is just hilarious.

No sooner had the mild mannered Illinois Senate hopeful finally contain the brouhaha over his embellishment of his military experience than news surfaced over how he has repeatedly trumped up his supposed experience as a school teacher.  Did I hear somebody say “compulsive liar”?

The photo of Kirk looking up to the superhero is a perfect compliment (and perhaps, a telegraph, even) of the candidate’s self-aggrandizement, little Mark fixed on to an imagined character much bigger and more heroic than himself.

  • Books Alive

    Yep, from Metropolis (home of Superman) to the metropolis (Chicago-NW Indiana), Kirk is often in front of the camera. As the north suburban district is his home territory, Kirk lets downstaters know that he’s been there and will represent them.

    Living in the 10th IL district myself, we know the Representative’s tactics – he votes for progressive goals until the final vote and then he switches to the opposite side to keep his base happy.

    Rep Kirk and Sen Durbin joined in efforts to rein in BP’s Whiting, Indiana, refinery expansion plans, but blogs by Backyard Conservative and Michelle Malkin didn’t like Kirk’s aye vote for the House climate bill.

  • marc sobel

    But! But ! he was deployed to Nursery School. Those kids are terrors.

  • IL Jeff

    Kirk has no business holding public office anymore. He needs to resign.

    Kirk has had to walk his military resume back about eight times already. It is virtually all he can claim as an accomplishment, the man is an untrustworthy weasel.

    Kirk’s military exaggerations go way beyond Blumenthal misstating “during” versus “in” once in 2008 – Kirk’s is a pattern of exaggeration and overselling his qualifications from his first campaign ad for Congress to the present day. Kirk basically introduced himself to the wider Illinois electorate with a series of lies. He went hard right on issues from his prior positions in the GOP primary, and he’s done his best to not say anything on the issues since. Now that his lies have been revealed, he quite literally has nothing to say to the general electorate.


  • Molly


    Sorry. Free associating with “Kirk”.

  • Laura

    Compare and contrast: (sorry, don’t know how to link to the first photo in their rotation — hope you see which I mean)

    • Books Alive

      Excellent contrast! I had to smile at the couple posing in clown costumes later in the slideshow.

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