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June 8, 2010

Meg Whitman, Natural Wonder

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Tuesday’s election, particularly here in screwed-up California, was hard to take seriously almost any way you looked at it (with the exception of the fact the Tea Party got whacked). I mean, Meg Whitman dropping $81 million dollars on only a 24% projected voter turnout?  (True to form, poll workers vastly outnumbered voters at my local polls.)

Anyway, check out this weird pre-victory party walk-through photo using the background to frame Whitman as almost cartoonish. (Remember this Loony Toon-ish take recently? No surprise the underwhelming powers-that-be these days are earning such farcical treatment from the visual media.)

Most striking, however, is Whitman’s exploitation of nature and environmentalism. For example, how do you like the nature silhouette on the Meg banner affixed to the podium? It’s got tall trees at extreme ends with, well, a live Meg as the “tall tree” in the middle.  Most of all, though, what’s with those wetland-like green patches floating in a big sea of brown (reminiscent of 1, 2)?  With America in the midst of perhaps its worst environmental crisis, are these people serious?

  • Vigilante

    California does not need Meg. California needs more revenue. Meg’s going to see to it that that does not happen.

  • g

    What is that background behind her? First thing I thought was a sea of oil.

  • jmac

    The background behind her is cardboard – meaningless.

    Lindsey Graham, at a press conference yesterday: “The science about global warming has changed… I think the science is in question… I think they’ve oversold the stuff.”

    Fiorini hits Boxer for complaining about the “weather”.

    The G in GOP does not stand for green – it stands for gutless.

  • Gasho

    Yep. She’s visually promising to bring the oil spill to California.

    Political Marketing Fail. Don’t these guys read the current events section?

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