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June 8, 2010

Gulf War III

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Channeling Colin Powell, the White House today will begin emphasizing the overwhelming force being concentrated for a “siege” against the catastrophic gusher. THAD ALLEN, the Stormin’ Norman of Gulf recovery, will give what the military would call a Commander’s Briefing when he joins Robert Gibbs at the podium at 10 a.m. An administration official: “Allen will chart the resources have been amassed in the Gulf theater to fight the oncoming oil. These resources include Coast Guard troops and other personnel, National Guardsmen and women, boom, vessels, aircraft, command centers and shoreline cleanup teams.”

– from Mike Allen’s Playbook. 7/7/10

…Is your Administration looking forceful enough?  …Interested in keeping that patriotism and homeland security enthusiasm going almost ten years after 9/11 and two rather taxing wars?

After weeks of informal briefings in jumpsuits, it seems the Administration finally has Admiral Alan — their replacement for Gen. Schwartzkoff, as the buzz goes — in a look intended to command a bit more gravity and control as the (American) Gulf bleeds out.

Just hope the next step isn’t an attack on criticism as “unpatriotic.”

  • lytom

    Are the military and homeland security going to disable the dissenters who question the claim that the vast majority of oil is captured?
    This seems all too familiar, military propaganda is being put to use to fool the public… after all who should be in charge?
    Lot of show, lot of money to go to right places, but it ain’t fooling the pelicans!

    • cmac

      No one has made the claim that the majority of the oil is captured. The highest number I’ve heard for the current effort is that it’s capturing 10,000 barrels per day, while current most conservative estimate for the leak is 25,000 barrels per day.

  • jqfrederick

    I’m constantly amazed and infuriated about these photo-ops on almost pristine beaches. Why can’t we have the President and “the replacement for Gen. Schwartzkoff” walking around in hip waders in calf-deep oil scum surrounded by dead and dying animals and birds?

  • Gasho

    jqfrederick – bravo.

    I guess I’m ok with seeing a military guy getting involved here if it means someone’s going to use some muscle in stopping this problem (note the IF).

    The most striking thing about the info-graphic, though is the beautiful color of that water.. a soothing, cool, aquamarine blue. Makes me feel like I’m on vacation. Lovely, isn’t it? So where’s the big black glob of sh*t in there?

  • paulo

    He’s playing air guitar. Just like BP.

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