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June 8, 2010

Election Final: Sarah’s Fingerprints

Former Governor of Alaska Palin is seen in the stands of the 142nd Belmont Stakes in Elmont

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters – Belmont Park. Elmont, New York June 5, 2010.

If tonight’s second wave of 2010 mid-year primaries was supposed to be definitive of something, I’m not seeing what it was — except a good night for female candidates (as well as for Sarah Palin, who got behind a number of victors).

Having morphed into a full-fledged cultural celebrity, now regularly making the scene at events like the Triple Crown, Palin — knowing the cameras were on her every minute — looked more than smug on Saturday at Belmont in her designer glasses (I’m loaded), and her redneck-y hat (I’m bad) with its rhinestone cross (I’m with Jesus).

Having gotten behind winning candidates like Branstad, Haley and Fiorina (while also drawing media attention this week for her oily Obama taunts), this Palin photo — even though it was taken on Saturday at the Belmont Stakes — might still be the most significant image of election night.

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