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June 4, 2010

Just a Day at the Beach

Win McNamee/Getty Images June 2, 2010. Dauphin  Island, Alabama.
Win McNamee/Getty Images June 2, 2010. Dauphin Island, Alabama.

What I find just fascinating are pictures of Alabamans taking to the surf like business-as-usual.

  • acm

    yeah, the contrast between the bathing garb and the HazMat outfits is really striking…

  • caraf

    And the plastic bag which looks like an inflatable beach toy.

  • lytom

    Evil so close, lurking, yet ignored. Condoned before the disaster. The inability to make connections and to fear the consequences are startling. The trio is oblivious and so are the two workers. Workers are dressed for what? What are those yellow “slippers” tied with masking tape good for? The visuals are like a scene from a twilight zone – unconnected.

  • Adam

    I think this picture is more realistic in terms of our country’s overall reaction to this disaster…bystanders to the clean up of our own inability to stop using carbon-based fuels. I find it interesting that the man is keeping his hand on the back of the kid’s neck, as if to force him to be aware of the toxins being cleaned up behind him.

    Everyone is angry at BP for the accident, angry at Obama for not being angry enough, but is anyone angry at themselves for not changing their habits and committing themselves to the hard work of moving away from carbon-based fuels? BP, as awful as they are, are providing a product the market demands. We are the market. This is our own fault.

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