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May 15, 2010

NRA Convention: If Looks Could Kill

<span style="font-size: x-small;">Davie Hinshaw/Charlotte Observer</span>
Davie Hinshaw/Charlotte Observer

What’s all-too-lovely about this picture?

Sarah Palin wasn’t the only opening day star of the NRA convention. According to the manufacturer, a portion of the sale of this limited-edition rifle goes to the NRA’s women’s shooting programs.

(Caption: TAPCO representive Shana Prevette shows off TAPCO’s INTRAFUSE NRA limited edition pink 10/22 stock system on opening day at the 139th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the Charlotte Convention Center.)

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  • DennisQ

    At first I thought this was a joke – a pink rifle? But then I thought, “Nah, they wouldn’t insult a growing market of women shooters.”

    Then I clicked on the link and saw the banana clip. Ho ho ho, you guys are such kidders. A banana clip! Who would have thought anybody would be that cheeky?

    • yg

      is there a more fashionable (less phallic) clip alternative?

      cheeky would have been if it doubled as a vibrator.

  • bystander

    Well said, DennisQ. I find it insulting. I sure as the heck wouldn’t buy anything like that in pink. I wonder how well they’re selling.

    It’s interesting… I read somewhere that when muscle cars were reintroduced women comprised a larger part of the market. The only one I’ve seen in pink is the Mustang and I’m not sure that wasn’t an aftermarket custom paint job.

  • Wayne Dickson

    Is this their answer to the growing threat of breast cancer? Want to stop worrying about your breast cancer?

  • yg

    barbie meets rambo.

    the rifle being handled – the one with the round, ribbed cylinder around the barrel – reminded me of the old fashioned pink curlers women used to go to bed with.

    was this being marketed for mother’s day?

    where are the red, white and blue assault weapons?

  • Stan B.

    And the blood splatter patterns mimic a rainbow!

  • cmac

    There’s a certain type of woman – Christian-hatriot-Republican, too much makeup, fake eyelashes, boob job, big hair, FMPs with Daisy-Dukes – who would think this a necessary accessory. The rest of us shudder. God, I hate people who think everything female must be pink and cute.

  • futurebird

    I really love the color pink. I like how feminine it is. I like how much it scares people. Men are scared of it– even some women are cared of it. I embrace it. If I had a gun it would be pink.. or at least feminine in some way. Maybe a little decoration on the stock. This is much to much gun for me though. I don’t understand the need for such weapons unless you think the government is coming for you.

  • Nina

    I am intrigued by the female shopper, slightly blurred, in the contrasting color blue in the background. She is older, equally blond though without the obvious sex appeal as the publicist holding the weapon. The message it seems is a standard one most often seen in the cosmetics industry. Buy the product, and you will magically appear sexier, younger and more desirable. By adding the pink the aggressive (killing) aspect of the gun is effectively removed, an interesting marketing technique, and the way the publicist is holding the weapon, it seems almost reverential, very different from most typical gun poses, weapon held to the eye, aiming to fire.

    • yg

      reverential? i read the look on handler’s face as sly amusement, an acknowledgement of the ridiculousness of the overly strained marketing attempt. i gave her points though for effort in matching her lipstick with the weapon.

    • Megan

      Wonderful observation, Nina.

  • mjfgates

    “10/22″ is the Ruger 10/22, a popular .22-caliber rifle used mostly for plinking and hunting small animals. People make all kinds of weird modifications for the 10/22 because it’s cheap. So, on the one hand, if somebody was going to cover ANY gun in pink injection-molded plastic, this was going to be the one. On the other hand, it’s the perfect “ladies’ gun”… can’t hunt deer with it, can’t shoot burglars with it. Pick your own interpretation.

  • Nina

    The more I look at the photo the more it seems to me about objects to behold not weapons to use. My eye first goes to the pink, which is a shade used in fairytale or princess stories, then up to the publicist, the human embodiment of the color who is gazing fondly, (reverentially was perhaps the wrong word) back at the object, then back to the woman in blue who is searching for something to behold. Fascinating photograph.

    • cmac

      I suspect the blue lady and the men behind her are glancing over because they see a photographer and wonder what’s going on over there.

      I can’t connect with the princess’s facial expression at all. Maybe fond, maybe sly, maybe amused. Or maybe she feels a little silly with her display of guns decorated to look like cheap Toy’s R Us kiddie-guns, and she’s trying to keep her composure. I find the whole thing more than a little bizarre.

  • John Lizarazo

    I would describe her expression (in this instant of time) as being proud yet sly and I would also say that at that moment she had some sense of place. A pink gun, clearly marketed and made for women, she might feel glad that there is such a thing. I mention sly because the way her eyelids are almost completely shut..and also just the fact that she’s holding a gun..there’s a lot of power and capability in such a diminutive thing, especially since its pink XD

  • Mayfly

    mjfgates, a .22 caliber rifle bullet isn’t going to knock anybody down who wasn’t hit in a vital spot–but a .22 is no bb-gun. It certainly could kill a burglar if the shooter aimed for/or hit the heart or head.

  • Mayfly

    I meant “aimed for and hit…” or “accidentally hit…” the heart or the head.

  • Jenn

    So there’s a simple snapshot of a gun in pink furniture. And someone is offended, someone is commenting on a marketing ploy, someone is obsessed with phallic images, and someone thinks it’s insulting to women. Really?

    Isn’t it possible that this is just a snapshot and that this company makes different color stocks and pink is one of the colors? Why does that have to be insulting? I know you all like to sound smart, but come on….you’re like a group of children who take themselves too seriously. PS: that looks like an AR-15 to me, not a 22. But I better stop typing before someone analyzes this comment and finds it offensive or insulting.

  • Kevin

    I was happy to see this photo displayed on another website, until I began reading the comments listed below. Positive photos of the firearms industry are always welcomed. I think that inviting women into the shooting sports is a good thing. My wife and I enjoy shooting and I am happy for her quest in enhancing her self defense capabilities.

    Your attempts to interpret the photo are amusing and at times, very bizarre. You are all looking for a secret agenda. “Her eyes are half shut”, “too pretty”, “other woman shooting looking at her”. Relax.

    I attending the show and this company displayed many weapon accessories in many different colors. Shana was polite and knowledgeable when I visited their booth. Why are you pouncing on a young lady for being attractive?

  • yg

    troll alert? too funny, mr. shaw. teehee

  • Michael Shaw

    (Given that Kevin and Jenn share a DNS address, I’m just waiting, now, to hear from Shana herself!)

    And while we’re waiting, if you’re still lurking, order me one in chartreuse!

  • gulati

    I can’t see her tits.

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