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May 28, 2010

Visual Week in Review: National Geographic, It Wasn’t

This week’s Visual Week in Review focuses on the only story that really registered — and who got tarred

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  • Gasho

    Hey, I really like that – are we going to be getting a weekly narrated recap? I vote YES.


  • Stella

    Nice work, Michael. I hope you’re right about the “sunset of our runaway oil appetite.”

  • mshaw

    Thanks, we shall see.

  • Gabriel Ascencio

    I love your website and insightful and educational opinions, but I think it’s much better in print than on video. Photos loose a lot of definition and audio takes away the impact of the written word.

    I think your visual week in review would be much better in print than in video.


  • yg


    i neglected last week’s video recap, but now i see they are not to be missed.

    it wasn’t until your sunset of our runaway oil appetite did i see that those gas pumps also double as tombstones.

    • Michael Shaw

      Ahh, nice call.

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