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May 20, 2010

Sestak: Color Me “Indy”

<span style="font-size: x-small;">Beverly Schaefer/Reuters. Valley Forge Military Academy.Wayne, PA.  May 18, 2010.</span>
Beverly Schaefer/Reuters. Valley Forge Military Academy.Wayne, PA. May 18, 2010.

What this otherwise innocuous Sestak victory eve photo signifies is that the red state-blue state analogy is officially dead.  In his election wrap-up piece in the NYT, Matt Bai discusses how “the mainstreaming” of voter insurrection has evolved to the point that it’s not just incumbents that are endangered, but the two party culture itself.

It’s for this reason that Joe Sestak — call him this latest election round’s Scott Brown (only with substance) — scored a nominally-Democratic, but actually indy-brand victory. Hence the photo, and the significance of hue.

As if melting down the parties in a Pantone pot, Joe’s tie is purple, his wife’s top and much of her jacket is purple, and — like a perfect, topping-off element — even his daughter’s shoes are purple.

It’s no accident.

(h/t: WD)

  • lawrence

    Love the look on the daughter. It seems to say I’m not sure the adults grasp the situation.

  • robertdsc

    I always noticed that purple tie on him. One of those relatively unique things.

  • joeff

    Notice also how careful he is not to have the palm of his hand on his daughter’s buttock, however innocent such a hold would be in this situation. This guy leaves nothing to chance.

  • serr8d

    Daughter’s a bit large to lug about, methinks. That makes the entire photo incongruous AFAIC.

  • David

    I think Joe Sestak is anything like Scott Brown, but if he is, then he’s Scott Brown WITHOUT the substance. Joe’s only goal is to have a fancy title next to his name.
    He’s “independent” in that he’s selfish and cares only about himself, and willing (eager) to throw his party under the bus to advance himself.

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