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May 20, 2010

Rand “Country Club” Paul

By way of Flickr photographer Gage Skidmore, we have the most telling “behind-the-scene” photo of Tuesday night.  In a profoundly hypocritical if illuminating move, Tea Party populist and golden boy, Rand Paul, situates his victory party at the exclusive Bowling Green Country Club.

From a related TPM discussion thread, we have these reader gems:

1. (Via henrythef):

Fees at Bowling Green Country Club per year total $6,340.

$2500 initiation
$270 monthly fee ($3240 per year)
$50 monthly food/beverage minimum ($600 per year)

2. (via Matt Jones)

He *might* have wanted to choose a club that wasn’t segregated until practically the 1970s….

A couple other choice shots.  In this group portrait, Skidmore leaves some extra width on both sides so you can see how the family fits into the club landscape.

It this photo, we see Rand’s delighted parents juxtaposed with a satellite dish rising from the Bowling Green CC’s pristine lawns.

  • Molly

    If his opponent in the fall is worth his/her salt, hay will be made of this. Yet, again, doesn’t the white bread persona fly real well with Tea Partiers?

    • Books Alive

      I agree with your Tea Party observation. Knowing that his father, Rep. Ron Paul, raised $5 million from small donations for the 2008 election – there were money bombs for him – I looked up the donations for this race in OpenSecrets. Rand raised $2.7 million, all from individuals, and spent $2.5, leaving very little cash on hand. All in all, the media in the state, plus the PR/advertising suppliers, did very well, I’m sure.

  • Books Alive

    The race I followed is Joe Sestak’s. I’ve supported him from his first run for Congress. His daughter’s brush with cancer gave his passionate words on the urgent need for healthcare reform real meaning. These few photos from the NYT include one of the Admiral in khaki, while the dark-skinned oficers he is shown with wear the more expected white and navy. The shot from the meeting in Bucks Country places him under the ceiling lights in an intriguing manner. Sestak went to some 500-600 of these local meetings, so there must be plenty more photos somewhere.

    • yg

      but it was specter who got $10 billion dollars for cancer research included into the stimulus package.

  • yg

    celebrating in a (seemingly) mostly white country club is in keeping with rand paul’s endorsement by the john birch society.

  • DennisQ

    I’m bored. I think I’ll run for the Senate.

  • serr8d

    First, you make fun of Sarah Palin for her “low down” look and feel. Then you take the opposite tact with Rand Paul.

    Is there any ground with which you leftists are ever happy? What about Ted Kennedy’s palatial estates? Do you think he would have looked twice at poor Bowling Green, Kentucky, and their inferior Country Club? Do you think any of your chosen elitists who are now the Ruling Class Elitist Democrats would stoop this low, to Kentucky ?

    Unbelievably hypocritical, all of you.

    • Molly

      Where are you from?

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