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May 3, 2010

Obama Right in the Thick of Things


Call it a variation on the Neo shot, but with an environmental CIC twist.

With the media building some buzz as recently as Saturday about the pace and quality of the Administration’s response to the oil spill in the Gulf, the President’s appearance on the scene on Sunday was almost inevitable.

If Obama’s commanding manner wasn’t enough, however, the “sheen” of this photo made his presence that much more resonant. What I’m talking about is that, in the rain — as he discusses the environmental crisis — Obama’s jacket takes on the sensory quality of a slicker with an almost oily-black surface.  Besides conveying that Obama is clearly in “the thick of things,” the quality of the jacket suggest that he’s actually wearing the catastrophe.

(caption: U.S. President Barack Obama talks after touring the Coast Guard Venice Center in the Gulf of Mexico region to view environmental damage caused by the sinking of BP’s oil and gas Deepwater Horizontal drilling rig while in Venice, Louisiana, May 2, 2010.)

  • acm

    I think you mean “Neo” not “Nemo” heh…

    • Karen Hull

      Hah. Thanks.

  • Wordsmith

    No – it looks like water. Oil would leave a more hued presence on his jacket.

    And just for the record, it’s British Petroleum’s fault – and we know it! – before anyone decides to go that route.

  • Gasho

    Thank goodness for the seal, otherwise it would be hard to see anything presidential about this. The image looks so flat, it might as well be on the set of SNL.

    The one thing I can’t get away from is the flag.. is that the “Stars and Stripes” sans the stripes??!! What could that possibly mean? Good night, USA? We can only afford to fly 1/4 of the flag anymore? The Chinese factory where this thing was made is now able to produce the US flag to it’s own specifications, because they own the thing as much as we do? What IS that?? I wasn’t a huge fan of the “Flag waving presidency” of GWB, but this doesn’t feel so hot, either.

    • Michael Shaw

      Via Karen Hull: The flag is the Coast Guard’s “Union Jack”. Might be used by the Navy, too. What struck me is is that it wasn’t Old Glory. Conveys more symbolic weight to Obama.

    • jerrypenguin

      The Navy flag could be the fleet admiral flag.

  • futurebird

    He looks like a hero in this photo– like the first responders, firemen, police. Obama, being tall and slender hardly ever reads as “rugged” this is as close as I’ve seen him get.

    I think it is a great photo for those who want to support Obama.

  • Earl Mardle

    Yet another pic of Obama in the rain. He had some great ones during the campaign, out in his shirtsleeves getting soaked and revelling in it.

    While it may not be as potent an idea as once it was, the Rainmaker, the rain bringer, has always held a special place in human society and Obama plays it to the hilt.

    Not forgetting the rain man (an unknown son with a disability who inherits everything)

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