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May 31, 2010

Netanyahu’s Sea Legs

When you consider Admiral Netanyahu’s smug look last November during an excursion to an Israeli naval base in light of last night’s FUBAR attack on the Gaza flotilla, you almost want to spit.

Pavel Wolberg/Reuters/Pool. November 17, 2009.

More suggestive, though, was the highlight of the photo expedition. While boarding this smaller vessel, Netanyahu took a spill that almost flattened one of Israel’s naval men and made the high testosterone Prime Minister look like an incompetent.

Considering how badly the Israeli military botched the raid on the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish ship, it seems parallels abound.

  • Spaniard

    I would laugh if I wouldn’t remember the 19 (at least) murders the IDF commited today.

  • Stan B.

    Let’s face it, this Israeli naval raid was a lot less
    “botched” than any of their recent excursions into Gaza and other Palestinian held land. Israeli overkill is too consistent to be accidental, it is part and parcel of their policy of fear and intimidation, a tactic learned well in the ’30s and ’40s. Somehow however, they lost sight of the overall lesson- that these tactics of brute force only serve to incite, and are eventually counter productive, to say the very least.

  • DennisQ

    The standard Israeli assertion of its right to defend itself can’t apply in international waters. Why didn’t the commandos wait until the flotilla was within the 20-mile limit?

    It may be that the flotilla would have made landing while Netanyahu was in Washington, or immediately before. This suggests that Washington directed the seizure take place in international waters if it were to happen at all.

    • quincyscott

      Come on. Washington is behind this? Have you been watching the news for the past year? Netenyahu never resists any opportunity to say “fuck you” to President Obama. This is just the latest example.

  • DennisQ

    Oops, that’s not how I intended it to sound. I meant that the seizure was moved up a day to avoid putting Obama on the spot. Washington wasn’t kept entirely in the dark about Israel’s plans – that’s just too hard to believe. But had Israel waited until the flotilla was within the 20-mile limit, the news might have coincided with Netanyahu’s arrival at the White House.

    I agree with Michael’s assessment that there was something FUBAR about the seizure. The commandos may have thought that they had the advantage of surprise. As it turns out, they didn’t.

    There’s something seriously wrong with Israel’s decision processes. They certainly didn’t intend to look as ugly as they do. I wonder what went on at the conference table when various strategies were proposed and discussed. Did anybody seriously propose storming aboard the lead ship and shooting the place up?

    There have been a number of these what were they thinking? type stories of late. Are people with moderate, sensible opinions afraid to speak up at meetings?

  • yg

    i would have titled this “showboating.”

    from haaretz:

    Did Netanyahu risk his life for a photo op?

    paper seems to be suggesting netanyahu was being reckless. and by extension, so was the mission.

  • Molly Bloom

    Read more about the group that organized the flotilla:

  • AJ

    Nothing was ‘botched’ – this is standard operating procedure for a nation that is completely out of control and kills as a first resort. This is an international crime against humanity and Israel should be condemned – no question – no caveats – no allowances. Then again, this behavior is nothing new for Israel, and they have yet to be condemned by the international community, at least in any way that sticks.

    If the international community continues to appease Israel, the result will be nothing less than catastrophic – for Israelis and for us all.

  • Jeff

    Bibi’s in blunderland again but the responsibility is also on the ungrateful travellers for not allowing their hosts the celebrations that were scheduled to crown Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama as peace pageant of the year.

    Just look at IDF footage documenting that those on the flotilla only had moppers, brushes, slings and glass marbles. Those landing from military helicopters were peace activitists with bouquets in hand were dashing to hug the aid workers on the flotilla to mark the one year since Obama’s Cairo speech.

  • http://ralfast.wordpress Rafaelq

    Old Bibi is still playing off his older (deceased) brother’s fame, the Netanyahu of the Entebbe raid. As much as coward as his brother was a hero.

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