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April 17, 2010

Tea Sequiturs #2

Tea Dont Tread Tattoo.jpg

I know, to the Tea Party folks, these symbols fit perfectly, the 2nd amendment, the guns, the “don’t tread on me,” the hate for the Fed. Do they all want out of the U.N., though, and the C.F.R.? (Because God figures prominently, if just embedded in the signature of a buck, it made me think how these people have appropriated the fervor of the religious right) What seems most ironic about this mash, however, is how much our friend — Mr. “Greenback” — stands for the almighty dollar.

(photo: Michael Conroy/A.P. caption: Darryl Herbertz, of Moorseville, Ind., displays his tattoo with the text of the Second Amendment, along with other images of protest during a tea party rally outside the Statehouse in Indianapolis, Thursday, April 15, 2010.)

  • Ten Bears

    As one with more than a passing knowledge of tattoos… nice tat!
    Incongruous to your ‘perfect symbols’, however, is that Illuminated eye.
    Depending, of course, upon one’s degree of willingness to derisively dismiss ‘conspiracy theory’.

  • aFriendshipIndian

    Impeach Earl Warren

  • donna

    Such a waste of a nice looking backside… wonder what’s under the belt…

  • bystander

    Been having a little trouble with those headers. Tea Sequiturs? Tea Logic? Duh! and D’oh! You wouldn’t be playing with my previous comment, now would you, Michael? It’s the disconnects, or oppositional points, of the rhetoric as compared to the behavior that continually leaves me with furrowed brow wanting to say, Say what? Like,

    The first amendment: It’s not just for liberals anymore

    As if it ever was, and if we’re referring to today’s media, it surely isn’t.

  • Chucko

    CFR? The Code of Federal Regulations?
    If I ever got a tattoo like that, I’d probably headline it with “(It seemed like a good idea at the time…”)

  • Michael (The BAG)

    Hmm, I think your comment probably did seep in. Consider this both a hat tip and a credit!

  • Kit (Keep It Trill)


    I LOVE your new site design. It is beautiful and easy to navigate. Did this take a long time to do, and which WP theme did you use? Never seen it so I’m guessing there was a lot of customizing done. Kudos to whoever helped you with it.

    ~ Kit

  • sumadartson

    Great work

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