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April 9, 2010

Namir Noor-Eldeen


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This photo accompanies a remembrance by NYT photographer Michael Kamber and a Lens blog slide show of Namir Noor-Eldeen’s work. Noor-Eldeen, showcased in the Wikileaks video released this week, was the young Iraqi Reuters photographer misidentified as an insurgent and killed by the US military in Baghdad in ‘07.

Beyond some parallels between this photo Noor-Eideen took of medics lifting a body after a rocket attack in Baghdad in October ‘04 and his own demise after assistance arrived to transport him from the scene, it’s mostly troubling to consider him meeting his end in a similarly shattered setting he was as familiar with as anyone.

  • Sean


  • bystander

    Not sure what you’re asking, or what point you’re making, Sean. It’s been reported that the telephoto lens on his camera was mistaken to be an RPG. Are you suggesting that it was his camera that was misidentified? Or, that there was no attempt at identification at all?

  • OldMayfly

    If I’m not mistaken, “Noor” in Arabic means “light” A good name for a good journalist.

  • lytom

    There must be words of rage,
    There must be screams,
    There must be pain.
    That was a cold face murder many times over!
    War crimes that go unpunished, because it is the victors
    who cover themselves with words like freedom and democracy.
    May they rot in hell.

  • Mike H

    Give me a fucking break, this was hardly a “war crime” or “murder”. When you lay down with dogs, like Noor-Eldeen, you get the fleas. Big 30mm fleas.

  • Crabby

    No attempt at all. Shot down along with everyone in the area, because he was carrying SOMETHING. Who cares anyway he wasn’t American, so he was fair game – like the kids in the MEDIC van.

  • Crabby

    #1 You know nothing.
    #2 If you get raped and beheaded – justice would be served. Here is to hope.

  • Mike H

    Crabby, not that you really care about what did and didn’t happen, but the end of the tape (the part Wikileals decided not to show) shows the “innocent men” with the “innocent journalists” slumped over a shitload of RPG rounds. What Wikileaks also doesn’t show is that Noor-Eldeen’s last photos were of up armored US HMMWV.
    Hmmm, put it together retard (I know you can do it). Insurgent activity, US military personnel close by, and a new outfit well know for past collaboration with terrorist,
    I say good fucking riddance and God bless the pilots who smoked those fools. Lets hope thier 72 virgins turn out to be swine.

  • Crabby

    Right. God blesses people killing other people. It is right there in the text. You saw the rpg video where? You are a liar, liar liar and I hope you receive the violence you wish upon others, it would make Jesus happy.

  • lytom

    What kind of break?
    That does not help your poor sentence denying the US military crime. It has not been the first time occupation forces perpetrated vicious crimes and certainly not the first time they could not find video or evidence…and instead lied about the crime taking place…you seem to be a bully enabler.

  • Pushtupma Butt

    Let me get this right, just in case I don’t understand.
    1. US troops are under attack.
    2. A group of armed men congregate, then move towards the fighting. Some are carrying AK47s, and at least one has an RPG. That called aggressive behaviour.
    3. A gunship engages legitimate targets. (If you carry a gun in an gun fight, you will get shot at)
    4. A van that was already under surveillance, and from which one man had emerged carrying an AK47, drives up and attempts to pick up the insurgents. That makes it a legitimate target.
    5. The idiotic, moronic, stupid brain dead father has his kids sitting in the back!!!! This is in the middle of combat, and he is picking up and dropping off guys with weapons.

    What am I missing here?

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