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April 23, 2010

Chicken Slaughter

<span style="font-size: x-small;">Adrian Dennis / WPA Pool / Getty Images</span>
Adrian Dennis / WPA Pool / Getty Images

After a successful, if slightly nerve-wracking launch of the new BAG (…was that a bug? was it Wordpress? was it me?), all I’m wondering is, what was it this week about elections and chickens?

While that casino owner/Senate candidate in Nevada dropped GOP credibility still another notch with the lunatic notion of bartering poultry for doctor visits (yeah, like I’ll take a drumstick for 50 good minutes of psychotherapy), this wacky shot was making the rounds in England.  Apparently, a chicken has been hounding (flocking to?) right wing PM candidate, David Cameron, at his campaign stops.

Given Cameron’s reputation as a stuffed shirt, he has been going out of his way this election cycle to appear loose, easy going, the good sport.  (One more Obama wrinkle, I think.) With that in mind, Cameron’s been playing along, his ability to hang with the animal without feeling pecked (or pecking back) offering him the chance to show just how chill he is.

What the photo offers up if you (literally) read it, however, is that the feathers are not just for fun.  Rather, given the branding, the “Mirror Chicken” is just exploiting the election via hundreds of  photos like this, employing the commercial tactic of guerrilla (or chicken-guerrilla) marketing.

Following the hubbub over here, the net is not that substantially different. Sure, in starting the chicken buzz, it was a politician that first crossed the road.  But then, looking at this Newsweek clip capturing the cackling and crowing over the Nevada remark, it’s easy to see how the poultry image did nothing but good for the barnyard otherwise known as the 24/7 political infotainment industry.

  • DennisQ

    The Republican party has staked out some pretty extreme positions on issues that ordinary people know about. It’s ridiculous to suggest paying a doctor with a chicken, but the alternative is even worse – don’t pay the doctor at all. Beg. That’s really what Republicans are saying these days.

    Lowden should back down a mis-statement. Harry Reid was facing an uphill struggle to be re-elected, and she just put him back in the running. This shows the difficulty of running as a Republican, addressing real people about real issues – ones they know about.

    Sue Lowden, take note. You’re a politician, not an entertainer. Glen Beck could get away with saying you can pay a cardiologist with chickens or babysitting. Rush Limbaugh could advocate the simple life of the frontier. You can’t. You’re running for the Senate.

  • http://ralfast.wordpress Rafaelq

    “Gorrilla?” I thought it was “guerrilla” advertising.

    • Michael Shaw

      Thanks. I officially blame this Wordpress spell checker. MT would have been all over it.

  • Books Alive

    How about a small (12×8x8) latex, zip closure chicken bag to go with your chicken mask? They also come in fish and frog…but the chicken must be in demand, this ordering page says they are currently out of stock. However, members of the Chicago Architecture Foundation can get one at the CAF Shop at a small discount.

    I’d suggest them to Harry Reid as a party favor except for the $30 cost. After all, he backed down from his $20 dictionary idea (he was going to present them to the opposition tea partiers)when his campaign manager nixed that idea!

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