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April 12, 2010

Afghanistan: Finished Before We’ve Re-Started?

Kandahar bus shooting.jpg

Kandahar bus attack2.jpg

With all our problems with civilian casualties, Karzai, and warding off the Taliban (even in the Helmand town we supposedly secured already), the question is: might today’s US attack on a civilian bus in Kandahar, the key prize in McChystal’s strategy and the heart of the enemy, represent a tipping point even before the surge is fully in place?

Specifically, in circling the bus are the Afghans circling the wagons against American intervention?

(photos: Allauddin Khan, A.P. April 12, 2010)

  • [email protected]

    Why do you refer to it as a “surge”? Why not an escalation? Or continued occupation? Or an expanded invasion?

  • lytom

    They may not have democracy, but they know right from wrong.
    They may not have advanced technology, but they have the power of masses.
    The fists, quickness of response is what counts…
    Occupation is wrong and no matter how the occupation forces try to bribe the hearts, in the long run this will be the memory people will remember.

  • Vigilante Sozadee

    IMHO, our US & NATO troops are not the gang that can’t shoot straight; they are the gang that doesn’t know who to shoot. The true perps are the perps who put them in the middle of a medieval, alien culture and history and assigned them a mission-impossible – those suits in the Pentagon and those advisers in the White House. The grunts and pilots on the front lines are the last people at whom the finger of blame should be pointed.

  • lytom

    Two brave out of how many? and that does not include “true perps” as you call them.
    Two former soldiers from the Army unit responsible for the Wikileaks “Collateral Murder” incident have written an open-letter of “Reconciliation and Responsibility” to those injured in the July 2007 attack, in which U.S. forces wounded two children and killed over a dozen people, including the father of those children and two Reuters employees.
    “True perps” are in power and still pulling strings to silence any attempt at justice and peace.

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