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March 25, 2010

Violence? I’m Shocked!


What’s all this surprise and consternation among Republican lawmakers about threats and actual incidents of violence upon passage of health care reform?

I understand it’s part of a phrase, but really, there’s some troubling “group think” going on for a U.S. Representative not to even consider the intelligence of brandishing such a sign. Beyond that, these Congressmen not only adopted this inflammatory slogan of the right-wing fringe demonstrators, but egged them on with it from the Capitol as the final debate was coming to a climax.

(photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images. Members of Congress hold up signs from the second floor of the Capitol that read “Kill The Bill” on Capitol Hill on March 21, 2010 in Washington, DC. Later today the House is scheduled to vote on Health Care Legislation that has divided both sides of Congress.)

  • DennisQ

    In football terms, Obama has certainly established the running game. He’s now in a position to advance his agenda incrementally and get easily re-elected in 2012. Republicans’ only hope of changing that outcome is to somehow force Obama off his game.
    The emphasis on violence seems calculated to get a pre-emptive response from the Left. Then Republicans will position themselves as the force of stability. Nixon did that in 1968. The failure of that approach is that there isn’t the kind of craziness on the Left that would create such an opportunity for Republicans.
    Perhaps the GOP is cooking up a domestic “false flag” operation, an ugly incident that will then be blamed on Democrats. It’s something that Karl Rove would do, and then brag about it later on in a book with a title similar to his current one, Courage and Consequence. What chutzpah.

  • Stan B.

    Count them out at our own peril- particularly in a time when logic and accountability have no merit.

  • Gasho

    The whole Republican adventure and all of its illegal and unjustified and unconstitutional behavior has so far gone unchecked. Why aren’t the players in jail? Why haven’t they even been tried?? No wonder the wingnuts are in a frenzy – we’ve established lawlessness as the standard.
    Maybe Obama can use his special brand of Judo on these clowns. I’d like to see the Republicans siding with violence and radicalism, then have the Justice department prosecute the Torture, Illegal War, War Crimes, etc. Bring Rumsfeld and Bush and Cheney and Rove and Rice before some judges to answer some questions. I’d like to bring to light the crimes committed and have some punishments. If justice prevailed and the neo-cons were recognized as the evil bastards that they are – the wingnuts would put their tails between their legs for shame.
    Until then, the principal has left the building and the teacher is out of the classroom and the bullies and class clowns rule.

  • dbrown

    Even mean Jean Schmidt claimed to have a list of voicemails she received from the usual suspects one calling her a f****ing b****.
    It’s the new beltway badge of honor among the radical right that a dirty hippie called them and threatened to call them a bad name. The horror.

  • mcmama

    Erm…shoe fits?

  • Rafael

    That’s the irony, isn’t it Gasho. When it comes to real freedoms and the actual letter of the Constitution, it was Bush that did the real damage (with the enthusiastic support of the GOP base and many a Democrat in Congress) and now with all the hollering and howling it is the Democrats that are positioning themselves as the “calm” ones (great observation Dennis Q, I agree 100%) without actually reversing the trend of enlarging Executive powers (and in fact doing his part to push for more power in that regard) which unbalances the system and serves as a real threat to freedom and democracy.
    Which just goes to show you that this is not an argument for/against freedom but an argument for who has the power and who doesn’t. Put the GOP back in charge and the tea baggers will fall silent because they would be (or at least feel like) they are in charge again. That is what is really all about.

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