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March 5, 2010

Victory at Last?


Wouldn’t the measure of “victory” — given the context of the photo — be a U.S. withdrawal?

Isn’t Newsweek simply repeating the original sin of declaring “Mission Accomplished” based on the latest supposed milestone — in this case, a highly controversial election that hasn’t even taken place yet!) in a country still deeply divided and loosely stitched together?

What does the cropping say about Dubya? Is Newsweek saying he’s off the hook? That he gets to put it behind him now?

(photo: still looking)

  • Rima

    Dubya is walking out of the picture, but the military-industrial complex is firmly embedded.

  • Gasho

    Screw Newsweek for using the word “Victory” in any way to describe Bush’s WAR CRIMES. He started an unjustified WAR, people. That’s the highest possible international crime. This crime cannot possibly be overlooked, let alone declared a victory. Anyone who forgets or forgives this WAR CRIME is partly responsible for killing Iraqis, killing US soldiers, crippling our morality and throwing any sense of Justice down the toilet.

  • joeradish

    WTF Newsweek? I hope the article provides a better picture of reality than this hogwash-propaganda cover.

  • thomas

    Next week: “Cancer May Be Good For You!”

  • Scarabus

    Saddam was an elected president, right? Wasn’t there an election in Iran? And how democratic was the process that “elected” Karzai? According to what’s said on the cover, those are all democracies. So let’s just announce that we have achieved our goals–in other words “won”? Then we can bring everybody home, right? Yeah.

  • Blue Shark

    W was always half a man with half a brain.
    …Looks like Newsweek looking in a mirror.

  • surefoot

    I murdered 50,000 women and children, but I was sure that in some point in time one of these people would have, maybe have plotted to bomb someplace in the world. At least this is what some of the Intel may have indicated. Any how never mind the dead 50,000 women and children. “Mission Accomplished”
    God Bless

  • lytom

    Something is rotten in the state of US…
    Is it possible that they just don’t see the implications of what the Empire has been doing consistently? And not just the last 8 years!

  • pragmatic realist

    The only real solution always has been, as it was in Vietnam: Declare victory and leave.

  • mcmama

    Ish. Are they trying to say Bush was right to destroy the infrastructure of a sovereign nation and murder somewhere in the vicinity of one million people, because that nation is holding (yet another, likely questionable) election? Lord have mercy. Unless we get a better mainstream media, we are well and truly fucked.

  • stevelaudig

    Happy day, I’ve stumbled on how to post here without it having to be a reply. If anyone else using Macbook and Firefox was having the same problem. The fix is viewing the page in “no style”. But on to the topic,. Saddam Hussein wasn’t far from being ousted by death or insurrection as of 2003. Can we say that what happened in Iraq since then is that much different from what would have happened had Hussein been assassinated/died/deposed? In this sense, SH was as much evidence of what it took/takes to govern the artificial country labelled Iraq as he was criminal for making the place called Iraq a death camp for political opponents. Don’t beat me up on this. There is no doubt the war of aggression was criminal act by the US gov’t which, upon reflection, prevented any possibility of peaceful evolution after the demise of the SH regime. But “what if” is a tricky game to play.

  • surefoot

    Stevelaudig…. Your comment is a “Once upon a time” story and has no place in the fact the U.S. government is responsible for the slaughter of around 50,000 innocent women and children not to mention the brutal pain inflected on the survivors. The question could be asked, “How do the people responsible for this crime against humanity sleep at night?” well they may not be that much different then Saddan Hussein.

  • stevelaudig

    I suggest you reread the last two sentences of my comment which
    would seem to both pre-empt and address whatever objection “no place in the fact” means. The war was one of criminal aggression which prevented
    peaceful change and “what ifs” I label a tricky game

  • surefoot

    Sorry, it so aggregating to see the national media report that if the outcome seems to benefit the U.S., then the slaughter of 100,000 people was well worth it. Is their thinking demented or am I missing something?

  • jtfromBC

    “If a victory is told in detail, one can no longer distinguish it from a defeat.”
    Jean-Paul Sartre

  • [email protected]

    Some old and updated victory stats for the assult on Iraq
    U.S. Troop Casualties – 4,379.
    US Troops Wounded – 31,669 through September 30, 2009,
    20% of which are serious brain or spinal injuries.
    30% of US troops develop serious mental health problems within 3 to 4 months of returning home.
    Iraqi Casualties are reported at 50,000 to over 100,000, but may be much higher.
    Iraqi Insurgents Killed, Roughly Estimated – 55,000.
    Some informed estimates place Iraqi civilian casualities at over 600,000.
    Iraqis Displaced Inside Iraq, by Iraq War, as of May 2007 – 2,255,000. Iraqi Refugees in Syria & Jordan – 2.1 million to 2.25 million.
    Iraqi Children Suffering from Chronic Malnutrition – 28% in June 2007
    In December 2007, the Iraqi government reported that there were 5 million orphans in Iraq – almost half of the country’s children.
    If the Lancet survey is right, then 2.5% of the Iraqi population – an average of more than 500 people a day – have been killed since the start of the war. – Monday, 26 March 2007

  • gmoke

    May those left living have the best peace and as little pain as possible.
    The United States of America is a rogue nation and guilty of war crimes. Those who planned this war of aggression should be prosecuted in international criminal court. The nation itself owes reparations to the nation and people of Iraq.

  • GP

    It’s Bush saying “See? I told ya so…” as he walks away from his folly. Don’t the door hit you on the way out, George. At least he’s had the grace to keep his mouth shut, unlike the actual head of the executive branch during his two terms.

  • Zoey & Me

    The only gauge is removing all our troops but this isn’t the case with Newsweek. I think it is hinting that Obama has picked up the Bush torch and is treating the war as a victory. This is to say Mission Accomplished, now let’s get back to the killing under my command. He does mirror a Bush Administration in so many other ways, why not the Iraqi War?

  • Apple

    Agree with every word. Yes, these wars are killing America, too.

  • Gasho

    Zoey+Me -
    I’d be pretty careful collapsing Bush and Obama into one thing. They both worked in Washington, DC as President, so they held the same office and had to deal with many of the same pressures. The military industrial complex, the powerful corporate interests, the political machinery, the media, the spotlight on the world stage are just a few of the things to contend with. In trying to handle all of these mind-boggling pressures at once they are sure to show some similarities. Being Commander in Chief, for instance, kind of makes you look like a hawk. Negotiating with Wall Street to solve the financial meltdown makes you (and your financial team) look like big money schmoozers. Etc. Etc.
    But the difference is where their intentions are.
    Bush was either an evil man who was hell bent on destroying the foundation of our country and killing as many people as possible or he was played like a puppet and had no moral fiber to stand up and do the right thing. As such, he was propped up in the chair by Cheney, Rove, Rumsfield, Wolfowitz, Ken Lay, the Saudi Royal Family, — you name it — to do their bidding. What he got in return, we can only guess, but it’s a faustian deal for sure — and all while he’s claiming to be a born again Christian!!
    Obama is walking into a nightmare scenario that Bush created. His first actions were to reframe and tone down the war against Islam with major international speeches, (while not backing down from the violence that IS out there); he’s stopped our economic freefall with major initiatives and is slowly turning things around with programs designed to create jobs and stem the housing crisis; he’s tackling healthcare head on — as difficult as that is and within a system that is stacked against him; he’s trying to bridge the radical left/right Democrat/Republican lines in the sand by talking to the other side and encouraging real dialogue; and all this while demonstrating how to be a wonderful family man with a sense of humor and a balanced sense of faith.

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