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March 23, 2010

Their Motto Is “Don’t Tread On Me”…

hip Somodevilla's first prize-winning White House News Photographers Assn winning photo.

until they actually need health care — in this  instance, the exact same as members of Congress get.

Although Chip Somodevilla's pic is four months old, I like it today — with all the bill signing hoopla — for the "Tea Party as Humpty Dumpty" vibe.

This photo is part of Chip Somodevilla's first prize-winning set in the Political Portfolio category of this year's White House New Photographers Association "Eyes of History" awards. caption: A man who collapsed during a rally protesting the health care bill at the West Front of the U.S. Captiol is cared for by paramedics from the Office of the Attending Physician November 5, 2009 in Washington, DC.

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  • tinwoman

    And Alanis Morissette sings…”Isn’t it ironic….don’t you think? It’s like….Needing Public Health CAAREEEE at a Tea Party Rally….It’s like good ADVIIICCCE that you just can’t take…..”
    Aw, what does Alanis know. Silly girl is Canadian!

  • jqfrederick

    I followed the link to the “exact same care” that Congress, in their infinite wisdom, have wished on themselves…
    I’m one of the 13% who think that the health care bill doesn’t go nearly far enough, and when I read that Congress gets physicals, x-rays, referral to specialists who visit them on Capitol Hill for NO CHARGE, (all for a flat rate of $503 dollars a YEAR with no other payments) and yet took a year to pass “health care” that doesn’t address health care and only really addresses profits for insurance companies—How do they do it? How do they look at themselves in the mirror? How can they stand in front of us and spout lies with a completely straight face?

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