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March 16, 2010

The Sound and the Fury — for what it is

Bachmann yawning.jpg

A little backlash by the visual media against the right wing’s anti-HCR rally at their “Code Red” demonstration in D.C. today? (Besides Mrs. Bachman unable to sustain the outrage, the photo also seems to play on the tea party being exploited by the suits.)

Update 1: Aha! According to Mojo, lot of those Tea Bagger buttons paid for by the RNC. Update 2: Via The Hill: DNC estimates crowd at 300, Freedom Works claims 1000.

(photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. caption: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) yawns during a ‘CODE RED’ rally in opposition to the health care reform bill on Capitol Hill March 16, 2010 in Washington, DC. Sponsored by The American Grass Roots Coalition and the Tea Party Express, the rally focused attention and opposition to the congressional Democrats‘ efforts to push through a final vote on health care reform by the end of the week.)

  • bystander

    yawns during a ‘CODE RED’ rally

    Heh. Yawn and CODE RED (all in caps, doncha know) are really incongruous in the same sentence, but there you have it. This heavy duty politickin’ is simply exhaustin’ ain’t it? H’ain’t no dainty, behind the hand – with a pardon me – yawn, is it?
    That soliloquy from Macbeth seems appropriately invoked.

  • Blue Shark

    ….what a crappy picture.

  • gmoke

    Was she raised in a barn? Didn’t she ever learn to cover her mouth when she yawns? That’s impolite and ugly.

  • stevelaudig

    She’s losing a little energy. Perhaps some sugar with her tea. But then the teabaggers need a lot of sugar to sweeten their essential bitterness.

  • heydave

    That’s not a yawn, she’s about to ingest the nearest person like a python!!1!

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