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March 27, 2010

Searchlight: In for the Kill

Searchlight Tea Party photo.jpg

This speaks to the fine line the Teabaggers are treading between protesting and advocating violence. Here, the hammer-and-sickle look enough like a symbol, rather than the letter “C,” to make the sign start out reading like a death threat. And because the media, at the start of this Congressional recess, is already fixated on these so-called “showdowns,” the public is likely to be inundated with this kind of conscious and unconscious Tea Party messaging for several weeks.

  • pan to mimic

    “stripped blood-splattered clothes off corpses for themselves, a sign they are increasingly desperate”

  • Bill

    So who are the Teabaggers? A bunch of minimal-government Libertarians??? And how do their true rank-and-file feel about social issues? Strangely silent, it seems from their signage. (Well except maybe gun rights.) But it’s bound to bubble to the surface eventually, and probably before November. These guys are ripe for implosion. Meanwhile Obama bargains with the Blue Dog Dems, giving them the photo-ops they want/need, and has the generals saying it’s time for DADT to go. And if, heaven forbid, these teabag shenanigans lead to real violence, how is that going to play with Independents? I don’t see how this can possibly end well for the Republicans. Where’s Karl Rove? It’s as though all the political smarts of the GOP have circled the wagons around the last decade and are concerned with doing nothing but protect their legacy or at least stay out of jail.

  • g

    Ah….the Teabagger’s “Woodstock.”
    Or “Galtamont.”

  • DanM

    A real question, here (i.e., not snarky) — is Gun Rights a “social issue”?

  • yg

    who loves to feed hatred to keep the people divided? billionaires and millionaires.

  • paulo

    They are disrespecting the flag. It appears worn and tattered on the edge.
    “When the flag is worn out or otherwise no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”

  • Blue Shark

    …Those flags are flying to the left. Why do they hate ‘Murica?

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