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March 29, 2010

Not Joking

Palins Joker Searchlight.jpg

In a disturbing trend (as you can see in this recent Flickr photo of Michele Bachmann), we're starting to see more examples of political types in the presence of hate imagery.

(photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images. Searchlight, Nevada. Mar 27 2010. caption: Former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin greet the crowd as she arrives to speak.)

  • [email protected]

    it has been my contention all along that not all of the teabaggers are homophobic racist……but a lot of them are

  • DennisQ

    I’m surprised she’s still around. We learned more about that family than we needed to hear.
    Then again, things are not looking up for the Republicans. Sarah’s at least pleasant to look at – maybe that’s what’s keeping her in the public eye. Whatever it is, it’s certainly not her ideas.
    What’s this picture about? She seems to be reacting to something with her little old me persona. She is pleased, delighted and flattered. It looks like one of these “Caption this picture” photos.

  • Brittany Farmer

    It’s too bad she looks delighted instead of disgusted by the hate imagery…or is it?
    The position of her “golly gee willickers, I sure do love this crowd” in-focus expression with the sinister Obama-Joker poster that is, if in the background and out of focus, still at head-height reminds the viewer of the hateful backdrop to this folksy, “down-home” and “fun-loving” little drama.
    And look how pleased Todd is, too.

  • g

    There’s an outreached hand to her, yet her hand is holding something – a credit card? A business card? So she is not reaching out to the hand that’s reaching for her. The hand at her throat is a protective gesture. The disembodied hand is from a POV that makes the person whose hand it is seem larger than Palin.
    Contrary to the caption, she doesn’t seem to be greeting the crowd. She is greeting other people who are behind the security line with her, turning her back on the crowd. Her husband is shielding her from the crowd, and I think the guy to her left (right side of the photo) in the sunglasses might also be security, plus the guy who’s just beneath the Obama/joker sign is also security – he has his arms spread and is standing in front of the security yellow tape.
    she is in a state of being dwarfed and overhwelmed by her protectors while beseiged by her admirers.
    For a “wildly popular” figure she always seems to need a lot of protection – not just from ill-doers, but protection from exposing too much of her weaknesses.

  • Wordsmith


  • Joseph

    She’s probably holding one of the credit cards she forgot to return to the Republican National Committee after the ‘08 campaign.

  • Mike H

    A “hate poster”, is that what you see? I see a poster made by a 20-year old liberal Palestinian American (Firas Alkhateeb) from Chicago depicting the President as a sociopath and a politician behind a mask. But I suppose your interpretation says more about you than anything else.
    Tell me, what do you see in these:, or does your “biting wit and social commentary” only lead you to a narrowly defined set of preset conclusions?

  • Mary

    Your comment identifies Sarah Palin as Michelle Bachman.

  • mcmama

    Depicting the president as a sociopath for sticking to the center-left instead of the far-left feels pretty hateful to me. Your hall of shame didn’t come up, so I have no idea what you’re trying to say, but I find the poster as repulsive as the ones the LaRouchies tote around showing the president as Hitler. Your criticism is a stretch. A really, really big stretch.

  • mcmama

    Mary, if you click on the link (‘this’ in the parenthesized phrase) you’ll see the picture of Michele Bachman he’s referring to.

  • g

    Depicting the president as a sociopath isn’t hateful? Nice set of standards you have there.

  • indybend

    oddly, all I see is a login page, no Michele Bachman. Maybe I’m fortunate…

  • Mary

    Thanks–I finally figured that out!

  • Molly
    I dunno if this link will work for some of y’all, but there are other pictures from this person that have been labled the “People’s Surge”. The kill the bill poster with Obama in a coffin is next to a woman on a park bench.
    Apparently, there was a Code Red Rally in Taft Park in DC on March 18.

  • Molly
    I thought this one was interesting, too!

  • Chris Schmidgall

    It makes complete sense to me that a Palestinian would view Obama as a sociopath considering the devastation of Gaza and the West Bank that could not be achieved without implicit and explicit support from the U.S. This doesn’t appear to have been the artist’s intent, however.
    He did not condone using his image to label Obama a socialist and said, “…First of all, who said being a socialist is evil?”
    Of course, couldn’t be the Joker without some face paint, so there are uncomfortable echoes of minstrel shows that didn’t come to mind when Bush, et. al. were depicted as the Joker.
    I’ve seen plenty of disturbing photos of the trend referred to in this post. I just didn’t feel that this was a particularly strong example of it.
    The link above works if you delete the comma. While there are some examples of hateful signs I would hardly condemn the majority of the images or tactics represented. Whoever compiled them seems pretty uncomfortable with alternative lifestyles and the concept of resistance to ’some’ styles of government.

  • Lany

    Isn’t that Sarah Palin, with her husband Todd standing behind her? Of course she’s wearing that look of delight and surprise, that was so horrifying to many of us during the 2008 campaign.

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