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March 19, 2010

DeFence of Gay Rights

Dan Choi White House.JPG

Quite a combination of elements when you put it all together. Dan Choi, who yesterday decided to up the ante on DADT, looks to be crucified, in uniform, on the White House fence.

(photo: AmericaBlog)

  • KVA

    This is reminiscent of woman suffrage protests organized by Alice Paul and the National Women’s Party. Dubbed the “Silent Sentinels,” NWP members protested in front of the White House in opposition to Woodrow Wilson’s failture to support a constitutional amendment granting women the vote. Their demonstrations, along with publicity about treatment they received in jail after being arrested for protesting in front of the White House, finally pressured Wilson into supporting the 19th Amendment. See

  • sherry

    i am part of a peace group and i have tried to link/post your pic to the blogger. the “share” button posts a different post… i enjoy you and read you daily… thanks for your work. i wish more would visit here. thanks for what you do :)

  • Katie

    Fight for your rights! Listen to Ajamu Baraka give amazing tips to being a successful advocate!

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