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March 21, 2010

As Reform Vote Looms, So do the Haters — Though it’s Not So Easy to Tell

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In light of Saturday’s hateful spitting incident during this Capitol Hill anti-health reform rally, and with Republicans like Bachmann willing to stand in front of this a few days before, I continue to wonder how and why these people enamor the traditional press while their more hateful expressions (Obama as waste product; shoot to kill; light up the Capitol) remain mostly confined to Flickr.

(Flickr photo via cjbrenchley)

  • DennisQ

    These fat old dudes who are threatening to use a Browning pistol are deluded. Sounds like they actually believe guns will achieve what democracy can’t.
    Incidentally, the Browning website celebrates young Zac Cooper, 13, who said said to be “the newest member of the Browning family.” His mission is to get young people away from video games and cell phones to discover the joys of killing animals for fun.

  • tinwoman

    Well, they are openly threatening violence…isn’t that, um, illegal or something? I’m sure at least a few members of that group are actually packing.
    Imagine if this were the Black Panthers or any group of Muslims protesting, with signs featuring guns and the explicit threat to use them if certain politicians didn’t vote a certain way. How long would their protest be tolerated?

  • AG

    I went to Google yesterday and searched “protesters roughed up by police”. I found results from yesterday’s anti Iraq War protest (which if you ask the MSM apparently never happened) but not a single word about these tea party punks. I’d ask why they’re not doing anything about them, but it wouldn’t surprise me if more than a few of these tea party people were off duty cops themselves.
    I swear, these people wouldn’t know oppression if it bit them in the holster.

  • jonst

    I continue to wonder Bag, why you, or anyone else, continues to wonder “why”? Because it benefits the “traditional press”, or so they conclude, anyway.

  • Wordsmith

    ‘Fat old dudes’ who are most likely eligible for Medicare or receive benefits from military services.

  • DennisQ

    Eventually somebody is going to carry through on the threat of violence, and everyone who egged the shooter on will deny it. Bill O’Reilly regularly called for the assassination of Tiller the Killer until somebody actually did it.
    When one of these people finally becomes unhinged enough to take a shot at a politician, we’ll hear the Tea Party people deny the clear meaning of slogans seen at their demos. What? If Brown can’t stop it, a Browning can? Does that refer to a Browning pistol?

  • Rafael

    Exactly! As one GOP politco said “Healthcare is a privilege, not a right,” which he meant his privileges are not your rights, and that he won’t share them with anyone.

  • Mike H

    Well, if recent history is any indicator, a group of Black Panthers threatening violence on potential voters would be thrown out by the Attorney General’s office.

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