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February 5, 2010

TV Party Movement

Crowley Tea Party Convention.jpg

Stephen Crowley captures the thrust of the “no-there there” Tea Party and its convention in one take: It’s about theatrics.

Also, this.

(caption via NYT: William Temple spoke with a television crew from the Netherlands at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn., on Friday.)

  • jonst

    what isn’t, these days?

  • linda

    look at the swag bags hanging from their arms… seriously, how many adult men have a full dressed revolutionary outfit hanging in their closets. lol.

  • jan

    I saw this guy yesterday on the news. He is a “historical costumes collector / re-enacter.” This is marketing gold for him.

  • Rob

    Is that Bronson Pinchot interviewing this guy? I know it’s not but he sure looks like him from this angle. I can just hear him in his Serge (from Beverly Hills Cop) voice asking him questions. Much funnier.

  • susan

    This is just the kind of attention these people thrive on.
    As one blogger wrote, the base of the Republican party is treated as though their ideas have merit and deserve respect. On the other hand, the base of the Democratic party is treated as though their ideas are loony or radical and the individuals who subscribe to them should be kept tied up in basements.

  • Chris

    Always keep your pinky extended when holding your teacup!

  • DennisQ

    Political alienation comes to the middle class. For centuries these people naturally assumed that the government would be made up of folks who look like them, talk like them and think like them. There was no wall of separation between them and Hoover or Truman or Kennedy, who was even a Catholic, fergoshsakes.
    Now that we’ve got a guy in the White House with a funny name, talks in complete sentences, and is in fact a Nigra, the now-alienated members of the middle class are disgruntled.
    Henry Louis Gates was correct in his assessment that to be Black in America is to be under suspicion, even somewhat foreign. Why did Sergeant Crowley demand that Gates step outside his own home? So he could arrest him, of course!
    To all the alienated white folks: Welcome to the club, guys. You join lots of other people who are actually just as American as you are: intellectuals, gays, non-whites, single mothers . . . it’s quite an extensive list. But you don’t see those people dressing up in three-corner hats and flintlock rifles. Even if they did, the press would ignore them . . . or more correctly, continue to ignore them.

  • APB

    Check out the Sarah Palin image captured by AP:

  • thomas

    That Palin image is hilarious. Looks like she’s working on a grumpy.

  • yg

    you beat me to it!
    how’s that hopey-changey thing working out for ya? = i’ll get you, my pretty!

  • yg
  • Molly

    I thought the same thing! Balki!!

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