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February 7, 2010

BagNewsSalon: Haiti Aftermath

This BAGnewsSalon examined a small group of images from the week following the devastating Haitian earthquake, considering: the boundaries of the graphic and sensational; how much the pictures presented a representative versus generic or stereotyped view of the Haitian people; and whether the pictures overly skewed toward human suffering and physical devastation.


Produced for BagNews by Neil Harris


photo: Frederic Dupoux / Getting Images. caption: Rescuers carry a 3-month old baby found alive following a powerful earthquake that left much of the capital in ruins January 14, 2010 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. A magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti January 12 causing widespread devastation and fatalities estimated in the tens of thousands.

photo: Dominic Nahr for the Wall Street Journal. caption: Haitians watch as military helicopter take off from the National Palace grounds in the centre of Port-au-Prince.

photo: Timothy Fadek / Polaris for TIME. caption: Looters run away with good stolen from a damaged building in Port-au-Prince, 5 days after a powerful earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale devastated the city.

photo: Maggie Steber for The New York Times. caption: A boy waited his turn to receive water being given out in front of the collapsed National Palace United Nations peacekeeping troops from Bolivia.

photo: Chris Hondros / Getty Images. caption: Dead bodies from this week’s devastating earthquake lie in a pile January 16, 2010 in Titanyen, Haiti. Officials, overwhelmed by the thousands of dead from the 7.0 strong earthquake on January 12 earthquake, have resorted to burying the corpses without ceremony in hastily-dug pits in a rural area outside of Port-au-Prince.

photo: Rodrigo Abd / AP. caption: Photojournalist surround a Haitian policemen as he aims his rifle at looters in downtown Port-au-Prince, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010.

photo: Julie Platner for the Wall Street Journal. caption: Hundreds of looters riot in downtown Port-au-Prince and police opened fire, killing at least one, Haiti on Sunday Jan 17th.

photo: Julie Platner for the Wall Street Journal. caption: A young women hugged her husband moments after identifying the body of a loved one lying on the street outside a hospital in Port-au-Prince on Jan. 15. Bodies lay outside because the morgue was full. )

photo: Shaul Schwarz / Reportage via Getty Images for TIME. caption: A man covered with debris takes a moment to catch his breath after hunting in the rubble.

  • Panelists
  • Michael Shaw Host, Publisher, BagNewsNotes.
  • Cara Finnegan Moderator, Professor of Communication – U. of Illinois, Co-editor: Visual Rhetoric: a reader in communication and American culture.
  • Moderator, Professor of Communication – U. of Illinois, Co-editor: Visual Rhetoric: a reader in communication and American culture. Moderator – Professor of Communications and Journalism/U. of Maine.
  • Alan Chin Editor & Contributing Photographer, BagNews Originals.
  • Loret Steinberg Professor of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography/R.I.T.
  • Fred Ritchen NYU.
  • Erin Siegel photographer at Redux.
  • Aric Mayer freelance photojournalist.
  • Tim Fadek photographer at Polaris.
  • Chris Hondros staff photographer at Getty Images.
  • Willie Davis Veras.

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