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February 17, 2010

Kissing Charlie

image001 (1).jpg
1. Now that’s a highly charged meme to take into Campaign ‘10! Obama as the kiss of death.
2. The right is always eager to create equivalence between Bush and Obama to erase the memory and responsibility of “the worst President ever.”
3. Any opportunity to make Dems seem soft, the right is going to take — because it works. And, playing Crist for gay is like two-for-the-price-of-one.
4. The right wing just can’t help itself when it comes to the race card. In the mix here is the stereotype of the oversexed black man, and his supposed love for a white conquest.
(photo-illustration: Senate Conservatives Fund)
  • DennisQ

    The problem with flinging poo is that it gets under your fingernails. Every time you bring your hand to your face you get a whiff that reminds you of what you are.
    Sean Hannity is working class elegant; he dresses every day as if for Sunday Mass. However, his wife sleeps with a poo flinger, and he knows it. Even if he shrugs, It’s a job, he’ll always be a poo flinger.

  • Julia Grey

    Why not put up the photo of Bush ACTUALLY kissing the Saudi prince for comparison.
    I know people always think it looks Photoshopped (it isn’t), but it would make an interesting counterpoint to this.

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