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February 5, 2010

Friday Your Turn: Baaaaad to the Bone

What is it about the

What is it about the “demon sheep” that is causing so much buzz?

Is it tapping a paranoia that we are not only helpless animals, but that we are destined to be victimized by those who, otherwise appearing just like us, are actually evil? In a year where the electorate feels particularly helpless and taken advantage of, is it a brilliant primordial attack on professional politicians?

Even if the ad is nonsensical (or maybe, because of it), it’s certainly doing something.

… And then, there’s this.

The Video: FCINO: Fiscal Conservative In Name Only Fiorina for Senate)

Carly Fiorina’s bizarre political ad: Tom Campbell as demon sheep (CS Monitor)

Fiorina ‘Demon Sheep’ Ad’s Artistic Inspiration REVEALED(Linkins)

  • PMMJ

    Honestly, it’s just a little goofy, in the way that the internet loves to reference. Which isn’t going to help Fiorina at all.

  • TriLing ‘u’al’

    Carnarly pentimiento

  • Chris

    I thought it generated buzz for the same reason almost every popular video in the webz does: It’s trashy and ridiculous.

  • vcInCA

    the first thing that struck me was the narrator’s voice- pretty r-less (e.g. pronouncing car park as ‘ka pak’, which is more of an east coast thing) and there are definitely some non-california vowels in there too, which made me think maybe this is a New York/New Jersey/Long Island dialect? I’m not sure why they would use a non-CA dialect for a CA in-state election ad (or whether they even realized that there are regional dialects, and people do pick up on that when they hear speech). Or maybe this was intentional, and they thought they would pull a Palin-esque move (remember her -g free speech, ‘goin’ instead of going, which was hypothesized to make her more attractive to working classes, and was highlighted by Tina Fey on SNL)–that is, maybe Carly’s ad people thought to reach out to the working classes/middle classes by using something that sounds like a non-prestige dialect, even if it is totally non-local.. Just musing, b/c I don’t really know much about her, nor do i watch enough of the political ads to know how common this is.
    And, visually (i know i hopped off the main topic of this blog for a bit), the fako-sheep was ridiculous. Maybe that was intended, but to me, it made anything the narrator was saying as equally dubious and to be discarded. That is, by using amateur costumes and graphics to make Tom appear sneaky and/or amateur, the goal (if that was the goal) backfired back on Carly.

  • g

    “buzz”? If “buzz” means “laughing your butt off” I guess it’s generating a lot of it.
    Best shot? the “furry” at the end.
    Honestly, what was Fiorina thinking? this is supposed to convince us she’s competent and has good judgement?

  • central texas

    As someone who lived through her tenure at HP and indirectly helped pay the bribe/ransom/extortion necessary to get her the hell out, I can assure you that she is neither competent nor has she good judgment.
    The “buzz” is that this is the stupidest, most amateurish piece of nonsense since her blog. I would dearly love to have been in the “brain”storming sessions and approvals that gave birth to this. (though I have been through ones that must have been similar)

  • quax

    This thing is the ultimate in unintended parody. Made me laugh as much as one of the better skits of the Daily Show. Don’t see how anybody can take this serious. Demon sheep is just pathetic.

  • g

    The narrative of the ad seems to be that the Tom Campbell/demon sheep is disguising himself as a member of the flock – the flock being fiscal conservatives? So is Carly likening her followers, or “FCINOS” – to sheep? Seems like an unintended insult.

  • Seth

    She’s definitely setting up Republicans as ’sheep’ being infiltrated by … somebody …
    The scariest ‘character’ in this short ‘movie’ is Carly herself. The wolf-in-sheep’s clothing (Tom Campell) keeps getting shown as a completely non-threatening, Mr. Average middle-aged white-guy. But when Carly is introduced, it’s as this weird off stage presence with voice-over like “could there be another candidate?”
    If Freddy Krueger is hiding in there, it must be mystery Senate Candidate Number 2, not Tom Campbell.

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