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January 19, 2010

What Was 60

Coakley leaving stage.jpg

This picture of vulnerability — by friend of the BAG, Yana Paskova –is currently leading

After the Coakley blow out and a party fretting all night on cable news about circular firing squads, wither the Democrats?

(caption: Martha Coakley and her husband, Thomas F. O’Connor Jr., walked off the stage after she conceded the election.)

  • George Lowry

    wither the Democrats?
    Withering, I begin to fear.

  • DennisQ

    No, there’s less here than meets the eye. You put up a weak candidate who runs a bad campaign, you’re not going to win.
    It’s not all about elections. Republicans are the party that favors letting people die of treatable illnesses. We’re beyond that now. The way this election is playing in the media, you’d think Republicans were riding the crest of a wave. That’s not happening.
    It’s time to stop the timidity. Politics is supposed to be bruising and full contact. Democrats aren’t going to win by refusing to fight.
    I know a number of people who are generally conservative in their outlook – but they’re out of work, and embarrassed to need a government handout to keep themselves going. These people are not enamored of so-called economic “freedom” that leaves them unemployed and uninsured.

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