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January 26, 2010

The Look for Winter, Spring and, especially, Fall

W previewed mid-term voter sentiment back in November.

Maybe they were just being “fashion forward,” but W had the mid-term voter sentiment nailed back in November.

  • WinstonH

    doublecross with missmatching earringss … worth millionss

  • mon_oeil

    The white woman is innocent–she lost to the blacks, while the white man represents the military whose gaping budget and multiple miscalculations have ruined the country. So whose fault is it? W’s, who has long gone; his wars, which are now Obama’s; God, who is blamed for a sundry of phenomenon including Haiti, and according to a Republican fringe, Americans need to seek out more. Perhaps the “one way only” policies of the past eight years? Perhaps the United States (read the flag symbolism) itself is to blame. The whole *@#% country!

  • Nellie Derrida

    Nice to see Linda “I won’t roll out of bed for less than $10,000 a day” Evangelista making a return for this cover.

  • mon_oeil

    By the way, I asked some friends to respond to this image as well: The white woman, in her world of glamor and luxury does not have a clue. But she does realize that her life of riches is being threatened and has no idea why as she is insulated in her world of the rich and famous. She feels compelled to descend onto the streets with her bodyguard at her side to ask why.

  • yg

    i am somebody.

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