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January 30, 2010

Shining a Light On the Whole Lot of Them


As Obama continues to train his focus on the pettiness in Congress and right-wing obstructionism, it’s just too bad the traditional media — because it thrives on the conflict — is so hesitant to train its eye on the GOP hostility and presumptuousness Obama is exposing.

Because the newswire photos from Obama’s rare and historic one-vs.-one-hundred-and-seventy-eight at the GOP House Issues Conference yesterday were thoroughly tepid, mostly ignoring the slings-and-arrows coming from the Congresspeople on the floor (who — two days after that masterfully clever State of the Union — still don’t get how Obama is forcing their attitude out into the open), I thought I’d offer you a few more screen grabs.




(screen grabs via MSNBC)

  • Clem Guttata

    I keep coming back to how unlike the country the GOP caucus looks. It’s like a Whites Only country club.
    To each their own… but, that’s not a political party I want to be a member of (or a party I want to go to).
    As Caucasians are inexorably declining to less than 50% of the US population, it’s not a winning long-term political niche, either.

  • Books Alive

    I would like to see an hour of open debate with Democratic Representatives since the various caucus groups like to throw their weight around, usually to advance their own agendas. It could help Obama make some progress as President to be able to counter directly the Representatives who go off in different directions, claiming that they are doing what their District requires. One problem could be in getting the program out to viewers without cable or satellite TV.
    The Republican questioners included Marsha Blackburn, who is almost invariably a participant in the one-minute speeches each day when the House opens. It would have been a treat to hear Obama take on Virginia Foxx!

  • Mum

    Treat? I’m not so sure. I suspect he has a great deal of empathy for the demented among us.

  • pragmatic realist

    The top picture looks like something that would pop up on the big viewer screen on the starship Enterprise, “Ambassador Drell from the Circassian Empire Delivers an Ultimatum to the Federation”

  • Books Alive

    Rep. Foxx is probably too much of a newbie for her to take the mic at their meeting. Who knows what outlandish comments she would have fired off. Obama’s facial responses would be gems, I’m sure.

  • elfpix

    What an embarassment to see any women there at all. They should know better.

  • mjfgates

    Women can be just as stupid as men. It’s the Republican version of feminism.

  • Dittoheadnot

    That lady in blue at the top. She sure has an evil expression on her face. Nonetheless, she is taking a snapshot of the President of the United States with her cellphone to show all her friends and family that she was there in a meeting with the President of the United States.

  • mcmama

    My kids love to catch me concentrating, because I look fierce when I’m doing that. Maybe the lady in blue is the same way, and not really glowering at the President as he cleans the GOP’s collective clock…
    Or not.

  • Fearguth

    Is the woman in blue
    Mary Fallin (R-OK)?

  • janinsanfran

    I’d like to hear the President explain his health care reform to some people who actually understand the issue. The Republicans are easy pickings on this — they don’t have a policy on this or much else that goes beyond preserve provider profits and die quickly. But how would the Prez do with some of these people who actually know something? (second part of post.)

  • Gasho

    I dunno… if she’s concentrating that hard on hitting the shutter button on her cell phone camera that might just be a bigger problem.
    More likely, she’s recording his response to her question and she’s PISSED that he’s intelligently and left her and her talking point sitting there like idiots. Something in this video clip can be edited and re-arranged and posted to YouTube to get back at him!!!

  • ScoutFinch

    I saw the smirky, teabagging bitch in the third photo shake her head repeatedly at the President’s assertions. I almost thought she would jump up with an outburst.
    The rest of them were so clearly outclassed (which isn’t hard to do in the House, BTW, as many of these people are no smarter than the people who vote for them), outgunned, and outmaneuvered when they tried their stupid talking points out on a guy with enough brains to see RIGHT THROUGH IT.
    “Reality Has A Liberal Bias”, dummies.

  • Northern Observer

    It’s the darkness at noon caucus.
    People who destroy their country are rarely aware of their impact but sometime it leaks through on their facial expressions.
    Don’t take comfort in American demography, if that largest of American tribes, the ‘white’ tribe, embraces bitterness further then the US will be ungovernable, even more so than today.

  • Dave Phillipson

    I guess you never met Colin Powell, JC Watts, or the RNC Chair.
    Your comment is Soooo bigotted.

  • Dave Phillipson

    Kind of like Mr. Obomination with the look on his face that says, “Oh sh*t, I’m way over my head. They now know me as

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