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January 28, 2010

More SOTU: Framed for Hanging


Small-mindedness, timidity, pettiness and self-interest. Obama won the night (and aligned himself perfectly with Main Street) by doling out the shame to DC’s “untouchables.”

We just need to straighten out this NYT caption that accompanied the photo:

By now, Mr. Obama can hardly be under any illusions about the depth of the partisan divide as he seeks to reboot his presidency. Yet he still seemed surprised on Wednesday night when he could not get Republicans to applaud tax cuts.

Surprised? Try, feigned surprised. Obama knew exactly what to expect as he went around the room.

And when the GOP flashed him and the cameras this attitude, these little boys — unable to give it up, even for their own pet passion — provided Obama the perfect pose.

(photo: Luke Sharrett for The New York Times. Obama State of the Union speech. January 27, 2010, Washington, D.C.)

  • Edwardaggie98

    Petulant, smug white men.

  • Rima

    Did the guy on the left in the third row not get the memo about wearing a dark suit? And…there’s no tan like a Boehner tan!

    • David Bundy

      Your ” tolerance ” of other people’s attire is ” showing !! ” . . .

  • Blue Shark

    “Framed for Hanging” is exactly right.
    …whose got the rope?

  • Swimmaven

    . . . smirking . . .

  • lq

    A little off topic, but here goes: I was frustrated at the camera work last night – I wanted to see more of the Republicans’ (lack) of reaction – then thought this might have been planned as a result of the ‘You lie’ incident and the Senator holding the hand lettered sign on his lap at Obama’s address a year ago. The other thing I thought was interesting was the colorfulness of attire of the Dem side; are there that many more women dressing more colorfully in the Democratic ranks? Of course, Mean Jean Schmidt wore lavendar – as she strongarmed Rahm and BO on their way into and out of the chamber.

  • Michael (The BAG)

    I don’t think you’re off-topic at all. I agree, and I think your hypothesis about the restraint makes sense also. I was tweeting the visuals last night (did maybe 20) and really never got much of a look at the Repubs. I was really glad for the NYT photos because I was dying to see the effect of Obama’s admonishments.

  • thebluedame

    “And the South shall rise again.”

  • hey
  • thirdeye pushpin

    Its the fratboy gollum clusterfuck of the Greedy Opportunistic Prejudiced bastards…looking at them all together makes it very clear who they were in high school….my god what a bunch of insecure snobs with shiny new shoes.

  • mon_oeil

    Well if we are now in a post-racial society, then this photo makes one pause to ask “in whose world”. Of course we won’t even talk about post-gender!

  • Dutch

    However quaint the sound of ‘these little boys’ is, and however cute it seems…well, these same white pasty men are holding up the progression of this country.
    Mind you, I’m a white female, probably pastier and heavier than those pictured, yet I feel disgust when I look at them.
    They’re heavy with power, disdain, they simply don’t give a shit.
    They don’t care any longer – they’re set for life.
    They simply do not care about their constituents – to them, those same constituents who elected them, are lazy, stupid, ‘lower-class-as-they-should-be’ voters.
    It pisses me off to no measure!

  • Dutch

    Yes White – don’t forget the Orange one though….haha.

  • Dutch

    He must be a ‘newbie’…..didn’t get enough kick-backs yet to afford a decent suit and tie….!

    • David Bundy

      Awwwwww !!!! Poor child. You are so pissed off !! Meanwhile, Obama is single~handedly,
      bankrupting Our Country not an opinion ( a belief or judgment that rests on grounds
      insufficient to produce complete certainty ) . . . but, fact.

      He has also destroyed all hopes of Job Creation. One example killed the tourism business in the State of Nevada. Twice he made excoriating statements about companies going to Nevada for big meetings. My union’snational meetings go there all the time. So, it is Ok for the Unions but not private companies; Is that Right ??? Yes ! Obama, relented and flew to Las Vegas, to say he loves the town. He knew he stepped into a ” political beehive; the third rail !! ” as the majority of the people connected to the Tourism Industry in Nevada, voted Obama into national office. What a As* !! . . .
      . . . The Joke of Obama’s Trip to Nevada: He refused to step foot in the city limits of Las Vegas !! A fact the ” mainstream ” news failed to illustrate !!! Only, my friend in Vega$ told me and sent the newspaper articles ~ detailing this fact.

      You deal in opinions; I deal in facts. The quickest way to get to the Truth, You Poor Whiner.

      And, who cares what color suit that guy wears ??? You and I, have the right to speak Our
      minds; Just as he has the right to wear a different color suit. I love diversity; You don’t.
      . . . What is Wrong with You ????

  • David Bundy

    Boycott Las Vegas !!

    Ray Heid

    I am Very Serious!!! Boycott Las Vegas!!!! Our President told us too!!!

    The people of Nevada Support’s Harry Reid and have for years. They are part of forcing Health Care (and socialism) down our throats!!

    So let’s listen to our President and NOT spend any money in Las Vegas!!!!… Maybe Nevada will figure out what we… think of Harry Reid and his Co-hearts!

    If you believe in taking back American, please re-post on your site!!!!!

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