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January 13, 2010

Model Candidates


Harold Forn NYT front page.jpg Harold Ford Running NYT.jpg
See a pattern?’s Scott Brown slideshow expresses how much national candidates, in our infotainment culture, look straight out of central casting.

I’m not saying the GOP’s Massachusetts hopeful is a lightweight, but his particulars (both he and his TV wife are former models; he’s well remembered as the Cosmo stud; he’s a long time, and oft-photographed National Guardsman; his daughter — a visible campaign presence — was an American Idol finalist) have “eye candy” writ everywhere.

Of course, the media has been fully collusive in these affairs. For example, just consider today’s NYT coverage of carpetbagger Harold Ford’s potential NY Senate run. The pic above (left) was on today’s front page, and the shot on the right accompanied the continuation, and the on-line article.

With an almost unintelligible Sara Palin joining FOX news yesterday, call it the fashion of the times.

(NYT photos: Ozier Muhammed)

  • SquareState

    Does Sen. Gillibrand have a lisp like Harold Ford?

  • [email protected]

    We have become a nation of “reality show”.
    News is not news it is hype.
    Information is not information is a stepping stone to sales.
    It all makes me sick.

  • yg
    can’t wait to see the staff portrait.

  • mjfgates

    Somebody really needs to walk up to that guy at a campaign event and start stuffing dollar bills in his waistband.

  • Serr8d

    See a pattern?

    Well, instead of comparing, let’s contrast for a moment.
    Unlike our current Oval Office Occupant Obama (who exemplifies all style with a born showman’s hype; showing next to nil on the depth scale (unless HOPE and CHANGE are working out differently for you than it has for most Americans)) Mr. Brown has true political talent and instinct. Without, I might add, having to rely on hordes of ‘community organized’ (read: bought and paid for with taxpayer monies) supporters.
    And, even more better contrastively speaking, he’s no need to utilize those teleprompter thingers… )

  • billyjoe

    Serr8d: Enough with your clumsy platitudes and analogies . . .just admit that you have a HUGE mancrush on Scott Brown.
    “Contrastively speaking” (gotta love that phrase).

  • Books Alive

    Carpetbagging has been going on since the Civil War. Check out Wiki for some examples of generals and politicians who have moved elsewhere, and when it’s been to run for national office, I think that’s not all bad. The noted historian and Lincoln biographer, David H. Donald, was born in Mississippi and began college at Millsaps, in Jackson, Miss. His father had come down to teach in the South and married a Southern woman.

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