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January 30, 2010

Haiti: As We Approach Week Four

Pushing for Food PaP.jpg

Pushing for food cite soleil.jpg

Seventeen days after the earthquake, this was the scene two days ago outside the Presidential Palace and Cite Soleil in Port au Prince.

…And some find it puzzling the Haitians don’t cry? You might think crying is automatic, but actually, until someone has enough space to really think and feel, this expression of pain or anguish just won’t happen. And, from the reports and pictures of continuing ineptitude distributing food and water, it seems many Haitians — far from having much space at all — are still being traumatized.

(photo 1: Ramon Espinosa / AP. photo 2: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters.)

  • pragmatic realist

    A severely neglected child stops crying once it realizes that no help will come.

  • tinwoman

    They have now stopped all medivac flights to the U.S. because hospitals do not want to be left to absorb the cost of treating impoverished victims.
    Nice, we are now leaving victims to literally die on our doorsteps because the private hospitals can’t figure out where their profit is going to come from.
    Meanwhile, good Christians select cute children to traffick out of the country, and feign shock and disbelief when they are arrested.
    This story gets more surreal by the day, but in an incredibly sad way.

  • jtfromBC

    Its Shop till you drop in the US, in Haiti its
    Shop until you are crushed or die of starvation.

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