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January 6, 2010

First Senator From the Tea Party?

Marco Rubio Nigel Parry NYT.jpg

Is Marco Rubio — the potential “First Senator From the Tea Party” — that fearful and paranoid (way away, pressed to the corner, and protecting his privates like that in his own headquarters)?

If you wade through the almost 8k word article, you see that the single interview Leibovitch held with Rubio was extremely clipped and Marco, the otherwise forceful former high school quarter cornerback (the author says he delivers a speech like a “jackhammer”), was highly cautious with a leg that wouldn’t stop shaking.

In this photo of the guy Huckabee calls “our Barack Obama but with substance,” did the photographer capture the natural paranoia of the radical fringe, a heady guy fearful of an ambush, or maybe something of both?

NYT Mag article preview.

(12:45 pst – Extended)

(photo: Nigel Parry for The New York Times. caption: Marco Rubio at his headquarters in Coral Gables, Fla. Mike Huckabee says he may be the face of the future of the Republican party.)

  • Megan

    Black and white world, except, you know, a white world.
    He cannot go any further to his right.
    Whatever’s coming at him from his left is big; he has to look up at it.
    He’s passively waiting/retreating, not coming out to engage.
    Not offering anything, either.
    What is probably a Livestrong/MIA-rememberance-type bracelet also looks like a hospitalization bracelet.
    Wish I could see if that were a flag lapel pin.
    He’s getting real support from that wall; his footing isn’t secure.
    No one else is in there with him; he’s facing the big left thing alone.
    Such a strange, strange picture, particularly for someone who is presumably trying to appeal to voters.

  • Megan

    Oh, and back on my usual theme: No women in the view.

  • Rima

    Backed into a corner in a bare, institutional room or stairwell. Nicely knotted tie, though.

  • nina

    The pose makes him look younger than he is, like a naughty schoolboy who has been sent to the corner for misbehaving. The eyes looking up and out and the mild smirk suggests he’s up to no good. Pair that with
    his hands, a default nervous gesture. A technically simple picture rendered beautifully.

  • mad_nVT

    Great, simple, evocative photo that describes the Teabaggers very well, especially as described by Megan above.
    But is this a fair photo of Rubio? I don’t get the sense from the article that Rubio is a coward. Seems like NYTimes looked to find the most unflattering photo of Rubio. The same article also used an unflattering photo of Crist trying to protect his “manhood.” Weird.
    This just lends credence to the Teabag rant about the “liberal media.” The media isn’t liberal, but with photos like this it is easy for the Teabaggers to accurately slam the NYTimes and the “media.”
    (Note to the Bag- Rubio was a cornerback,not a quarterback in high school. Don’t know that that makes much difference.)

  • Rima

    Quarterback, cornerback, tomato, tomato – that would account for the jock itch.

  • matt

    straight jacket needed?

  • g

    My first impression, which came immediately was that his hand was bandaged. It reminded me of a boxer in a corner. But then I saw that it was one of those rubber bracelets.
    It IS a striking photo, full of meaning, and Megan nails it. But I also agree with mad_nVT, to question whether it is quite fair.
    Now I’ll try to read the article.

  • Progressive Mom

    For some reason, all I can think of when I look at this is a 1950’s movie still from either a slasher-fear film or a poor-man’s-Hitchock paranoia film.
    I doubt this is a photo he’s going to frame and hang on his office wall….

  • thebewilderness

    To me it screams “victim of abuse.”

  • Campbell

    Great video on the Massachuttes Senate race, a must see!

  • Anonymous
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