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December 17, 2009

TIME’s Man Person of the Year

Bernanke TIME.jpg

1. This decade-ending cover can be seen to document the final standings in the class war, the asset-owners — particular through big media’s lens — having triumphed over the wage-earners. (Hat tip: Yglesias.)

2. Love how Ben fills the hole where the esteemed President goes. (Seems like a lotta conflict in that cross-hatching, by the way.)

3. According to Kate Harding/Slate, there are probably three women who deserved it — ‘86 being the last stand-alone woman winner. (Neda Agha-Soltan was at the top of my list, but then … democracy movement? What democracy movement?)

4. Maybe the real point here is that nobody stood out that much???

5. Finally, there’s the standard refrain of: who cares about TIME, anyway? (I am, though, interested in your take and who’s at the top of your list.)

UPDATE: 6. I might add, I thought TIME was pretty chickenshit for not picking a “Person of the Decade” — first since the ’80’s — and (no brainer) putting bin Ladin on the cover.

  • OldMayfly

    Well, you know, at one time Hitler was Time’s Man of the Year. So it isn’t exactly an honor–it is just an acknowledgment
    of sorts.

  • eric -notmytribe

    I too am surprised TIME didn’t chose Neda Agha-Soltan. TIME is a flagship for war against Iran. Perhaps they concluded the memes behind mobilizing flash-victims for Iran’s pro-Democracy instigators would not stand up under cover-story scrutiny. The war drums still urging us toward Iran would be hard pressed to drown out another babies-thrown-from-incubators fabrication.

  • pcalvin

    Denis Kucinich said yesterday, ” The class warfare is over — Working people lost. The middle class lost.”

  • thirdeye pushpin

    emerging from the dark void to tell us where the dollars go…do not look behind the curtain, just click your heels three times and wish you were in Kansas. The wizard of US

  • DennisQ

    I’m glad that Time Magazine is still publishing. It’s good to see that print media can continue to survive. However, I don’t read Time Magazine myself, because the way they work editorial content into factual reporting annoys me.
    I wonder what the market research says about who reads Time, and when. I think it’s for those occasions when you’re stuck for something to do – in a doctor’s office, or aboard a train, or waiting for the mechanic to finish working on your car. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s the current issue.
    This year’s person of the year isn’t as lame as some of them in the past. Wasn’t one year the personal computer? Another year, the person of the year was “You – the person reading the magazine.” Those selections set lameness records.

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