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December 14, 2009

Lieberman: Palin’s Alter

Obama Lieberman Palin.jpg

All Lieberman’s mishegas in poisoning the health care negotiations these past few days reminded me of a little take I did on Joe’s psychology about 3 1/2 years ago, while rumors were circulating Lieberman might become Bush’s replacement for Rumsfeld. The other thing that came to mind was this rare photo from last February’s mostly private Alfalfa Club dinner.

Yeah, I do see Joey (their hands and expressions wonderfully juxtaposed like that) as akin to Palin — both essentially children craving attention and a lot of drama, and wired to delight in being as subversive as possible.

(Photo: Clarence Page/Chicago Tribune. Jan 29, 2009)

  • Illy

    The only good thing about the election that Bush stole was that Joey didn’t get to be vicepresident.
    Many in CT will be pulling their hair now for not voting for Lamont. The rest of the US will be really grateful to you for killing health care.

  • stonelake

    I agree with this, mostly. Why try so hard to figure out the motivations when it is clear that we’re looking at simple narcissism? The result of all of this has been more face-time and cow-towing for Joe. That’s what he is after.

  • jtfromBC
  • bystander

    Interesting. Re: the expressions on Joe and Sarah’s faces; is that suggestive of interactive or parallel play? Are they pleased and delighted with each other, the other, or themselves? Is the implication a collusion to subvert, or an amplification of some mutual recognition of their similarities. They are equivalent “assets” to their respective parties, for sure.

  • mon_oeil

    While Joe Liberman and Sarah Palin take up much of the frame. President Obama has a cool handsomeness (great white tie)–it appears as though he is ignoring (oblivious of) their presence–which brings the focus on him.

  • thirdeye pushpin

    I just have to wonder how many people who campaigned for Liebermann over Lamont (obama included) are thinking they should have respected the will of the democratic primary voters in connecticut. With Senator Lamont we would have passed genuinely progressive health care legislation and Palin might have not been the veep candidate

  • mcmama

    Lieberman and Palin look like naughty children caught in the act of making fun of the teacher behind his back. Obama, being the grown-up in the photo, ignores them.

  • yg

    netanyahu not long ago was reveling in obama’s domestic problems and dropping numbers. a weakened obama serves israel’s interest. the last thing they want is to be made to cede anything for the sake of peace with palestine. joe is lending a helping hand in the pummeling of obama. long enough at least until his chairmanship is threatened. granted, obama is also to be held responsible for self inflected wounds by being so gutless.
    irony is american tax dollars going in the form of aid money for israel indirectly allows for israelis to enjoy guaranteed healthcare. israelis have single payer, the form of healthcare lieberman cannot abide by for americans.

  • Blue Shark

    …Kinda gives “Obama … Paling around with Terrorists” a whole new life huh?

  •[email protected] DennisQ

    There are a lot of photographs lately of Obama in a tux. Aren’t the president’s handlers worried about him looking like a Party Guy?
    This year will be a lean Christmas for more people than last year, which was pretty lean. What’s the effect of so many pictures of the President and the First Lady all gussied up?
    I think we may soon hear Republicans say This guy lives in a bubble. There may be something to it, too. How else to explain the Afghanistan policy? This is a guy who doesn’t mingle with ordinary people.

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