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December 31, 2009

Happy New Sphere From The BAG

wishing spheres.jpg

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I found myself moved by this image (and these- 1, 2, 3) from the newswire this afternoon. The caption reads:

Workers arrange “wishing spheres” from a boat as part of an art installation on the Singapore River December 18, 2009. People pen their New Year wishes on these wishing spheres throughout December to be placed on the river as part of the coming New Year Day celebrations.

Given the extreme pain of the recession, the endless state of war(s), the unabated political polarization and all too much flat-headed thinking in the country, as well as the honest divisions within the Democrat family, I know all of us were worn out by this year, if not the last decade, and are yearning — so hard — for better.

New Years, of course, exists almost singly as a marker of endings and new beginnings. The symbol of the sphere is tremendously powerful, too, these balls representing to me both the larger sphere of our planet, with its fragile natural and social ecology, as well as — reminiscent of bobbing heads — the more personal and immediate spheres of our families and the singular culture inside our own bodies and minds.

If I am wishful next year for all of these spheres, the one I am most optimistic about is our own right here at BAGnewsNotes.

I don’t think I can really express how marvelous and a privilege it is to join you, each day, in decoding and analyzing and learning from the pictures in a news-, information- and spin-saturated culture that grows more profoundly visual by the minute. Sometime in the first third of the year, we hope to unveil a new site which will not only improve, strengthen and enrich the platform for your thoughts, mine, and a new set of contributors, but is certain to raise our collective influence and authority in this special niche we occupy on a visual playing field otherwise dominated by the corporate media, the special interests and the powers that be. …Until we get there though, we commit, as always, to delivering you the best images, and visual and political analysis we can.

Above all, and with the picture always in mind, I wish each and every one of you a year of peace, vision, good health, compassion and insight.

…Consider it as good as on the river.


  • Asta

    What I see is more pollution of this planet by Narcissistic Personalities who need their 15 minutes of fame like a junkie needs another fix.
    Wishing spheres. People write their thoughts/desires on them, and then what? The spheres float off to contaminate the Pacific Ocean and join up with that plastic island the size of Texas and somehow that’s cool?
    Have we all lost our minds?

  • Rima

    At first, this image looked to me like blueberries spilled on a granite countertop. Only when I scrolled down did the perspective and context reveal the true subject. But, it was a pleasant first impression.

  • Books Alive

    I like the idea! It’s an easy, convenient means for all who wish to mark the beginning of a new year in unison. The uniform color gives the scene more impact. Wonder if they choose different colors each year? Chicago had Cows on Parade one summer, each decorated according to the sponsoring group. There were decorated sofas another year: Suite Home Chicago the theme.
    Here’s a photo by Marc Golub of Marilyn Bovine!
    Marilyn Cow

  • cay

    I thought this, too. We’re doomed.

  • Allan
    They aren’t just let loose, they are used for light shows such as at the link for some pics on the official site.
    Free downloadable wallpapers! Just pop in and visit Singapore’s lovely Marina Bay!
    Do they recycle the “wishing spheres” after they are done playing with them the same way humans always have done silly things to mark days held important for silly reasons? I have no idea and intend on investing no time to find out, except to guess that because it is an annual public event in Singapore if they didn’t before they do now.
    Either way, it’s over now. Rest easy. Tomorrow Earth recycles, spinning like a crazy top. Rid the ocean of the killer plastic reef. If we start now, maybe in 50 years we’ll notice it shrinking.

  • Allan
  • Wayne Dickson

    I can’t help being conscious of the difference between many Asian practices like this, candles floating at night on paper boats, slips of paper fluttering among the branches of trees.… And stuff like the “look at me!” ostentation of Tebow and those congressional doofuses who acted out their little charade on the Capitol steps.
    In respect to the latter I’ve already planned to post an entry on my own blog about their well scripted and well promoted little skit, emphasizing that New Testament quote mentioned above– the one about praying privately rather than with hypocritical ostentation (Matthew 5:5-6).
    * * * * *
    Incidentally, I share your feelings re participating in the BAG community discourse, Mike. Fascinating content, and a high “signal to noise ratio.”

  • Gasho

    My thought as well.. What kind of environmental disaster is THIS?? Oh.. I see, it’s the humans again. Big surprise.
    Couldn’t we make those floaties out of fish food or something??

  • Aunt Moe

    I’m reminded of Avatar and the Tree of Dreams.

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