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December 18, 2009

Copenhagen From the Ground Up

Climate Conference Shame.png

After two weeks of high expectations and, ultimately, dashed hopes, the major development coming out of Copenhagen turned out to be the powerful and overwhelmingly peaceful impact of NGO’s and intercontinental climate activists. While world leaders — particularly from the G-20 — were drowning in politics, activists successfully strengthened the case for action — both from inside the Bella Center as well as on the street — through the appeal to conscience.

The result, if not an immediately satisfying one for the planet, is that the grassroots — stepping into the leadership vacuum — scored a strong social victory. Quite possibly, what we’re witnessing (as captured above) is the stirring of a worldwide populist movement capable of moving the political process simply through the leveraging of morality.

(image: AFP. From the BBC slideshow, In Pictures: Final hours of Copenhagen)

  • bystander

    The “universe” should be both generous and kind to those folks who interrupted their lives to bear witness.
    I see no alternative to grassroots for saving anything worth keeping in our futures.
    I am captivated by the apparent stoicism and optimism in those faces not obscured by masks. Purposeful action, determination and as much good humor as we can muster are the only weapons readily at everyone’s disposal.

  • nordmend

    photos of arrests from _12 dec_ at copenhagen. i saw no mainstream coverage of this except the brief text quote of “demonstartors wearing black” haveing been arrested.
    “Staged police exercise… to dehumanise protestors”
    “It’s estimated that 100 people are still being held on the road in extremely cold weather, cuffed and forced into seated positions in lines. They have expressed severe physical discomfort and have no access to water, medical attention or toilet facilities since 1530hrs. Many activists are reported to have urinated themselves while detained on the ground.”
    Update: Danish media is now reporting that 1,000 people have been arrested:

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