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December 28, 2009

Abdulmutallab — in Muslim Prayer Cap — “Looking More the Part”

Abdulmutallab prayer cap.jpg

While all photos of Abdulmutallab so far (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ) look distinctly secular, SITE has released the first image of him — a screen grab from a militant Islamic website — wearing a Muslim prayer cap.

As of this writing, I found this picture in exactly one article out of dozens on Google news about Abdulmutallab. It will be interesting to see if this photo becomes the standard over the next 24-36 hours (and whether others from other radical sites will emerge).

His youth and the baby face, by the way — coupled with the report that a man helped checked him in without a passport in Amsterdam on the flight to Detroit — makes him look more and more like a pawn.

(image: SITE)

  • DennisQ

    This guy’s a chump. That photo looks like the cover on a record album. No way is he a suicide bomber! Compare Abdulmutallab with Mohammed Atta, a guy who looks like a desperado.
    I suppose it’s wrong to go by appearances. It’s not even that his handlers somehow wound him up to take out an American jet full of travelers headed home for Christmas. I wonder if Abdulmutallab realized the nature of what he’d agree to do for them.
    This is all speculation, of course. It’s possible that the terrorists deliberately chose a chump who was clean of any suspicious history. Investigators will get no farther with him than they did with the hapless Zacharias Moussaoui, who boasted of his role in the September 11th plot. The real terrorists may realize they magnify their impact using perps who look more confused than deadly.

  • Ten Bears

    As I observed thurs… This is a joke, right? I mean… I’ve been following this since about 200 pst and all that comes to mind – other than my this time of year experience in ought-one – is where do they recruit these bozos (respects)!? Come on… I just can’t shake this vision of it’s handlers cackling with glee as they followed the aircraft’s progress to target, knowing full well that if this yahoo managed to light the damned fuse – fuses, sparked by an open flame, wtf!? – it’s a dud that will at best, and apparently did, blow the dumb fucker’s balls off.
    I don’t care how the reichwing retards spin it, it’s no damned terrorist attack. False flag maybe, but no ‘terrorist’ attack.

  • Stella

    Just another 23-year-old boy looking for structure and an approving society. Aren’t we all chumps at that age?
    Does it make more sense to give our boys big guns to patrol the airports hunting for “terrorists?”
    I’m scared of all of ‘em.

  • mon_oeil

    I found it interesting that now that the United States is represented with a “black” face, so too “international terrorism” emerges with a black face. Despite the fact that as early as 1998 the authors of the terrorist attacks on the US embassies in East Africa were African. If this in fact is an Al Qaeda initiative, perhaps the idea is to divert any notions that it was racially motivated to thwart the presidency of the first African American president.
    Abdulmutallab does look like a vulnerable kid who can be easily influenced. He has been virtually on his own emotionally since a young adolescent from boarding school to university–both outside his family entourage.
    I too find it curious that he had helpers on the Amsterdam flight as it was a Lagos-Amsterdam-Detroit flight. Was he required to pass through immigration/customs or did he go through a transit area? On the other hand, the fact that he is the son of one of the most prominent and wealthy men in Nigeria may mean that he has access to people in high places.

  • donna

    If I were TSA I would be asking what is this supposed to be a distraction away from? All the security we have amounts to nothing more than passenger harrasment and distractions. I myself can think of dozens of ways to still get weapons or explosives through security, and if I can, so can the terrorists.
    And having done the big airplane attack, the next big attack will be something different anyway. They’re not stupid.

  • thebewilderness

    It isn’t quite a photoshop disaster, but it is pretty obviously photoshopped. When the head has been reshaped and the crop lines are this obvious it is no longer a picture of a perp but rather a propaganda tool.

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