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December 19, 2009

a.) Afghanistan b.) Obama


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It’s interesting how TIME’s editors visually weighted the past year — especially considering Obama’s wall-to-wall presence in ‘08. Going by the layout, Afghanistan has moved to the center and the President — both shots from the inauguration, if I’m not mistaken, as opposed to capturing anything more substantive from his first year — has become peripheral to the war.

More detail and/or captions for several above from TIME slide show: Afghanistan/Flare; US Air/Hudson; Whale; Putin (similar); Obama/Michelle; Displaced women/Dafur; Capitol (top right – also inauguration?); Glove – Michael Jackson (variation); pic of Saturn (variation).

  • John Powers

    I get Time in the mail and was very disappointed with this issue. Perhaps it is a result of viewing so many pictures online. Almost everyday online I see at least one photograph that moves me, makes me go Wow!, or draws me in to really look. I was shocked that nothing in the issue had much effect on me.

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