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November 12, 2009

Your Turn: Milking It!

BAGnews readers discuss the photo of Octomom, Nadya Suleman, on the cover on the New York Times Magazine

Can I get your thoughts/captions on this?

(Notice, by the way, OctoMom’s full name doesn’t even appear in the story till the last line of paragraph three.)

(photo: Gillian Laub for The New York Times)

  • psychohistorian

    More irresponsible global warming
    Societal responsibility. Some people just don’t get it.

  • tekel

    Obligatory: It’s a vagina, not a clown car.
    2nd Obligatory: she could have just married a Duggar!

  • bystander

    Caption: Please tell me that’s a take.
    Wow. Bizarre. The things I miss for having checked out of trad media outlets ~ 10 years ago. Ho-ly cow. They make shows out of this stuff? And, people watch it?

  • ggb

    5 years from now …
    Mom to the kids … “Are you out of your mind … no, you cannot invite your friends over!!!”

  • Alonzo Riley

    I love Octomom. Her name really isn’t important. It’s her CONCEPT that is so devestating to a culture who must suddenly realize that it hates babies unless they are born from successful heterosexuals. Her “over-indulgence” has sociologically contributed to put limits on a culture obsessed with the capitalistic/bacterial growth model of limitlessness. Ms. Suleman extends her middle finger to Chinaand chants nya nya nya, while America covers in shame for what it has created. Yay!
    Also, Octomom shows that you can be successful if you push limits to the point of becoming a meme. Octomom says “In your face, married home-makers, I’m more of a mother than you could ever be! Your fertility pales!”

  • DanM

    “Artificial Dissemination” or
    “With Eight You Get PR Roll” or

  • KingElvis

    Notice that the octo baby table is a custom built set piece. It’s a bit like an Action News set.
    Bad news.
    Remember the notion of the ‘public private split’?
    They should give her next fetus a 9 month spin-off. The Gomer Pyle USMC to her Andy Griffith show.

  • tinwoman

    Please stop giving this horrible mentally ill woman the attention she so desperately craves. She and “Jon and Kate” and the Duggars are symptomatic of a deeply unhealthy mania in our society. I can’t get into dissecting it right now, it’s too complex, but we need to stop encouraging it.

  • thomas

    In a very general sense, I think we have an ethical responsibility to care for each other, and I think that extends to a person’s reputation. A person who is unbalanced in their own care of their own reputation ought to still be treated with a dignity that they are unable to confer upon themselves.
    I don’t know if she’s mentally ill or if she has a personality disorder, but she is certainly very unstable and very maladjusted, with or without eight children. It’s sort of sad and terrifying that she has found an ecological niche which would encourage her problems to flourish. Perhaps the production crew can, like soldiers, be exempted from normal ethical expectations because “they’ve got a job to do.” But I’m not so sure.

  • Ursula L

    I don’t think the table is a custom piece. I’ve seen similar tables in daycares and nursery schools. It’s a standard design to allow one caregiver to be in arms-reach of several children.

  • Aurora


  • tinwoman

    I liked how you phrased that, Thomas. Please remember that we are providing her, and the other “vagina clown car” freak shows, with that ecological niche. We pay for it by consuming entertainment based on their antics. It’s sort of like giving money to the Dharavi beggar mafias to maim children.
    Ms. Suleyman actually has 14 children; she had 6 via in vitro previous to becoming Octomom. I think the Gosselins have 10 (they also had other children before the octuplets), and the Duggars have 18, maybe with a grandkid or two on the way (I don’t follow it). But at any rate that’s at least 40+ lives down the drain for this nonsense.
    And believe me, these are lives down the drain; leaving the physical challenges aside, these kids will face a lot of emotional and psychological damage.
    Fundamentalist Christianity drives a lot of this; they have some kind of extreme need to confirm the life choices of these families in an effort to push their “pro-life” agenda. Abortion is always wrong, even destruction of frozen zygotes is wrong, so Xtian fundies cannot admit that families like this are a tragic and horrible mistake. So in this twisted way, they reward and celebrate them.
    And other attention-craving,disturbed personality types want to climb on the bandwagon. Gah.
    There oughta be a law, but I understand why there can’t be.

  • Wordsmith

    I just happened to scroll down and caught the ‘octomom.’ There this flicker on her face of some recognition that this reality just isn’t all that much fun. It’s a lot of work and organizing.

  • DanM

    I kind of doubt, in all likelihood, that the flicker of recognition inflicted itself upon her for very long.

  • jtfromBC

    Enjoy your comments, ponder this, if time or interest avail.
    In The Good Old Days it was King and Country for The Dionne quintuplets

  • tekel

    I guess I must have cursed too much in my second comment, because it got lost in the intertubes somewhere.
    The essence of what I wanted to say was, I came back to this a day or two later, and I saw it with entirely different eyes. Sure, Mom is an embodiment of something that we as a society find repulsive. But in the grand scheme of things, who cares about her?
    When I came back to this, I looked at the kids. And most of them actually look … pretty happy. Sure, there is the one that’s actively crying, but the rest of them are engaged in something else. As long as their shockingly irresponsible mother continues to draw enough sympathy cash to feed them properly, it might turn out OK for them.
    I bet that between them they come up with their own private language. They’ll still learn english, but they’ll also learn to communicate with each other in ways that nobody else can understand.

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