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November 20, 2009

When is Piper Next Going to Have a Normal Halloween?

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I promised Piper that this time [trick-or-treating], I would keep my distance so I wouldn’t disrupt the fun she has planned for herself and her friends. She’s so good and accommodating. She puts up with a lot.

– Sarah Palin. Family video. The Oprah Show.

If anyone out there still somehow entertains the notion that the Palin children aren’t media props, consider the question: When is Piper next going to have a “normal” Halloween?

In the closing days of last year’s presidential race, if you recall, Piper went campaign trick-or-treating in rural Pennsylvania as the star of a national media circus, the secret service in tow. (That’s little Trig in the elephant suit.)

So when Halloween rolled around again this year, do you think Mom might have thought to carve the 31st out of her busy PR schedule? Quite the contrary. If you watch the video, you can see it was car trick-or-treating (and if friends were involved, I didn’t see them) with the crew of the Oprah show.

(image 1: Todd Heisler/The New York Times. October 31, 2008. Dauphin, PA. image 2: screen grab. Harpo Productions. October 31, 2009)

  • Johnson

    Not for as long as her mother is in the limelight.
    Slate’s take on the index for her book was amusing though.

  • karen h

    These will be illustrations in the first or second tell-all book by a Palin kid some day.

  • lilybart

    The video of the Driving Miss Crazy bus tour shows her at EVERY stop, coming off the bus with the DS baby, waves, then hands him over to someone else. So why is he there in crowds when Swine Flu is going around and kids are more at risk?
    It so she can telegraph this: Here he is, the DS baby I didn’t abort! Love me!!!

  • mjfgates

    Trick-or-treating isn’t “normal” anymore anyway. How many kids came to YOUR door this year? Yeah, like that.

  • g

    Of course, Piper’s costume has PRODUCT PLACEMENT on it for Todd’s snowmachine endorsement.

  • yg

    i thought it a white power costume. piper didn’t want to wear the pointy hat.

  • yg

    the put upon piper expresses distress with having been made to miss so much school:

  • CM

    I didn’t see any mention of it at the time, but astute Palin-watchers pointed out recently that Sarah Palin dressed her son who has Down Syndrome as Dumbo for Halloween.
    Photos of Palin’s book tour show little Trig repeatedly dragged out with no shoes or socks while the adults are dressed for winter temperatures. He is rarely photographed wearing the glasses he needs.

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