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November 21, 2009

Sensei Obama: Back ‘atcha?

Obama Taekwondo.jpg

(Click for larger size)

Having been bottled up for a week by the Japanese and Chinese, the Prez — in this otherwise tongue-in-cheek Korean Taekwon-Do photo-op — offers himself as powerful action figure (see Myung-bak's hand) about to re-ingage in the homeland political martial arts.

(photo: Newscom/Yonhap via TPM. November 19, 2009. TPM caption: President Obama shows off his Taekwondo skills as South Korean President Lee Myung-bak looks on. The President was given an honorary Taekwondo belt by the South Korean government to mark his first visit to the country. Obama visted in South Korea as part of an 8-day trip to Asia.)

  • Johnson

    Cool picture. Would have been better for caption competition then schumer, dodd, and reid!

  • crabby

    It would be better if he had a fiddle watching a nice fire. Ahhh, the warmth!

  • EvilPoet

    That picture has a Neo feel to it.

  • ilona@israel

    Nice pic))) he is a real warior)

  • yg

    i heard somebody suggest he was borrowing tactics from sun tzu’s art of war.
    haven’t read the book yet. does that argument hold up?

  • crabby

    that is a joke… right?

  • pws

    When strong, feign weakness?
    When weak, feign strength?

  • childan

    “defend what is not attacked…”

  • CaptainFrogbert

    Well… he’s standing poorly (hunched over like that he can’t generate any support for the punch), his right hand is improperly held (if he hits with his elbow bent out that way, he’s going to lose a lot of power and will likely break his pinky finger if he hits anything hard). All in all it’s a sloppy punch in just about every way. Sort of like the way Obama does everything these days, sloppy, unfocused, badly informed, poorly executed. But it LOOKS great to the uninformed and adultative.

  • yg

    he’s a bad bowler too. time to impeach.

  • epppie

    he looks kewl, so who cares that he’s a warmongering, social contract shredding monster.

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