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November 5, 2009

Ron Ron Ron, Ron Ron Away

Steele Reagan.jpgs r

Even if Steele is a blowhard… and the photo is just a grasp for the past from a party out-of-sorts… and a knee-jerk move to slap a not-very-convincing exclamation point on a minor, and not-systemic couple of off-year wins…

maybe these guys aren’t all that stupid, and there’s also an instructive warning here for the Dems …

which is that Dees got wiped out after Obama took Virginia and Corzine went down after Obama took NJ because the Dems lost a lot of blue-collar and suburban Democrats over the economy, and the lack of a larger focus on it.

…In other words, maybe Steele was envisioning the word “Welcome” scrawled just above The Gipper and the word “Democrats!” scribbled in below.

(photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. caption: With a photograph of former President Ronald Reagan hanging on the wall, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele holds a news conference at the committee’s headquarters on Captiol Hill November 4, 2009 in Washington, DC. “Republicans won from the courthouse to the statehouse,” Steele said while talking about GOP wins in yesterday’s elections in New Jersey, Virginia and other races across the country.)

  • Blue Shark

    …This fool can think all the way from A to B.
    …He blows with the wind.

  • Tena

    Anyone who wants to read the two gubernatorial elections as signs of a national resurgence of the GOP needs to realize that in the two races that actually had national implications, the Democrats won.
    Gubernatorial races are so local that most people don’t really care who is the governor of a state they don’t live in or aren’t directly connected to somehow. House seats, on the other hand, do affect everyone and those races are so important nationally that people donate to candidates who are running in states they don’t have any connection to. I do it – I donate to Congressional races all over the place. I wouldn’t consider for one second donating to a gubernatorial race in a state I have no connection with.
    I get why the GOP focused like a laser on Va and NJ, but for everyone else to follow along is silly. No body much mentions the fact that we also picked up two House seats Tuesday.

  • KingElvis

    Yeah – NPR is all over this meme about Governor races being “national.” But then the NY 23 race, where the Dem won is just shrugged off – and the Dems won another in, I think Washington State.
    The truth is, the Rethug spin machine was set in place and we got there spin, unmodified by even the most basic skepticism.

  • g

    Mara Liasson on the radio during my commute last night went on to theorize how the Republican wins in the two governors’ races might affect future Democratic congressional races….without even mentioning NY23 or CA10. Not one mention.
    Hey, Mara – Wouldn’t actual congressional races be a clearer indication of the effect on future congressional races?
    She’s been drinking too much of the coffee over at FOX News.

  • doranb

    While I really do think the election results have little to do with Obama, Democrats/Progressives would be wrong to discount the results.
    In this particular fight, it’s not about who is right, it’s about who drives the news cycle. The GOP has been doing that for much too long. It may appear they are damaging themselves, but it remains that THEY are the party which is news for most outlets.

  • KingElvis

    Back to the picture – of a picture of St Ron. I was reading in NY Review about the prison system. Raygun, with his ‘war on drugs’ and the broader ‘tough on crime’ policies of the ’80’s essentially ballooned our prison population sevenfold.
    And guess who the MAJORITY of prisoners are – fully 50%?
    Black men.
    It’s easy to cry “uncle Tom” but…I’m just picturing Steele being arrested for being black the way Louis Gates was. Would he still pray to St Ron?

  • matt

    the photo is great
    i’m looking at the reagan portrait
    visually it looks quaint
    if it were designed today,
    wouldn’t the flag be in the open space behind reagan’s left shoulder?
    would he be sitting in such a way, posing, but trying to appear at ease?
    the portrait is history
    through today’s eyes,
    the framed reagan sits better in this photo
    than reagan does in his own portrait
    as if the portrait was created all those years ago
    so that michael steele could stand in front of it victorious
    and imagine for himself a future of victorious nights

  • desertwind

    I never realized how much Reagan’s head looks like Bob’s Big Boy.

  • yg

    abc this week juxtaposed obama’s and reagan’s “high unemployment sucks” speech. reagan was a dolt but he knew how to look into the camera.

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