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November 24, 2009

Palin’s Bragging Rites

Palin Fort Bragg 1.jpg

I’m really curious about your take on these two shots (from Palin’s appearance at Fort Bragg), especially the second one which really freaks me out. (And why is this woman allowed anywhere close to America’s military installations with this PR charade?)

What the first shot prompts — and why Palin must have been in heaven Monday — is (shudder): “Commander-in-Chief.”

Palin Ft. Bragg 2 dinar.jpg

Concerning the second pic, I guess Sarah doesn’t finish her last name on the John Hancock, which makes her “Sarah Pal.” (I checked other examples and it’s how she’s been doing it. (Very folksy — except for the end of the “l” about to run up Saddam’s nose.)

It’s truly impressive how automatically Palin — piggybacking on the Saddam-branded dinar brought back from Iraq as a soldier’s souvenier — lends her endorsement to the cost and false justification of stamping this guy out.

(photos: Sara D. Davis/Getty. November 23, 2009. Fort Bragg, North Carolina)

  • Samantha

    I don’t think the first shot prompts “commander in chief” as much as it brings to mind “uso tour.” If you plucked someone out from under a rock, showed them this photo without any beforehand knowledge, they’d think the same thing. As far as the bus itself, it is effectively marketing the Sarah brand. Other than the large facial shot, the image is mostly of the Alaskan wilderness. Nevermind that she’s been spending more time in cities lately, or before that hunkered down writing a book. It’s all about the Rep. Same thing with the “hocky mom” persona. When’s the last time she went to a hockey game? Like Fonzi used to say: “you have to have hit a guy once” to have a tough-guy reputation. After that, you don’t have to do much.

  • Johnson

    I’m still wondering what would have happened if the pictures of Palin with Bloomberg were broken before the mayoral election?

  • DanM

    Focusing on the bus decoration itself, I get the impression of a country music star — so, yeah, right in there with “uso tour”. One thing it does NOT say is “dignified”.
    As for the dinar I can only think “pretender,” over and over.

  • bystander

    The media confers celebrity, and the media denies celebrity… I get the photo ops. Palin is great at creating them, and she is photogenic. The camera likes her. And, her fans will forgive, or ignore, all her odd lies (Andrew Sullivan). Who really does care if a celebrity lies?
    The top photo just looks to me like some guy wanted his picture taken with Sarah’s image on the bus, and some other guy was in the frame when the photograph was shot. The second photograph does carry a lot more obvious “war” symbolism. Doubtless her fans will drool over it.
    But, here’s the thing… are her apparent fans (as captured in various media coverage) supporters? Americans gravitate to celebrities, but we’re also real good at discarding them when they bore us, or when someone more interesting comes along.
    According to Pew Research, Palin’s book barely registered among top news stories in the past week. 2% of those polled rated it as a story they followed “most closely.”
    I don’t want to dismiss Sarah’s popularity, but does it go any more deeply than fanboys and fangirls? If the media’s intent is to sell her to the public it seems as though they have a real uphill struggle. It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for the GOP.

  • Tommy

    Palin’s autograph on the Iraqi banknote seems bizarre.
    I mean, I could see someone like Donald Rumsfeld signing
    a portrait of a man he’d palled around with, but Palin
    never met Saddam and you can’t see Iraq from Alaska.

  • donna

    If we based our elections on celebrity draw, Edward the sparkly vampire would be president right now…

  • KingElvis

    Tommy, let’s not forget:
    As Clint Eastwood once said “Deservin’s got nothin’ to do with it.”
    One major blind spot of liberals is that we try to explain and rationalize things that don’t have a basis in reason.
    I actually had Sid Vicious sign a dollar bill when he was going on a book tour – I suppose it’s more about the fan than the celeb here.

  • Kevin

    As to the signature on the banknote…I don’t see “Sara Pal.” I think what she does is run the “i” and “n” out as a near straight line – and you can see the dot for the “i” (not actually a period) just to the left of S.H.’s nose.

  • jtfromBC

    Sarah advises Canada,
    “Palin strolled over, looking down on Walsh and her crew to tell them that “Canada needs to dismantle its public health-care system and allow private enterprise to get involved and turn a profit.”

  • cope

    I am a bit holiday tipsy but think that the mountain scene on the side of her bus looks more like the Sneffel’s Range of the San Juan mountains in Colorado than any range in Alaska.
    I google-searches other images of her bus to be sure, but (with a limited attention span), did not find any more obvious pictures to support or refute my claim.
    Perhaps younger, more energetic readers can settle this matter.

  • Samantha

    Cope, sorry but I came up empty with google as well. No one seems interested in the landscape behind Sarah…lol. Actually, there were more google links for people whom Sarah threw UNDER the bus than about her bus. In any event, I’m sure the image is supposed to be Alaska.

  • DennisQ

    Sarah’s losing the awkwardness that made her appealing to the ordinary folk who are her hardcore fans. She has stopped being “just like us” and has turned into another tarted-up celebrity. She’s not going to crash and burn, but she’ll gradually wear out her welcome.
    For one thing, she’s making tons of money at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet. Her repetition of Republican talking points is bound to become grating to people who have no interest in preserving the status quo.
    The portrait on the book cover suggests a person of vision and imagination. What a contrast from who she actually is! She gazes off into the distance as if she’s actually seeing something. But as soon as she opens her mouth she sounds like she’s still the mayor of Wasilla. If you own stock in Sarah, sell it!

  • KaJo

    I’ve been pretty amused at Palin’s arrival schtick: in the various tour stops, Palin gets out of her bus (even if all she’s done is ride in it from the airport) with the sleepy prop baby on her hip, she waves to the crowd, and then hands the baby off to her aide, who simultaneously hands her the microphone.
    WHY? It’s been obvious she yanked the baby out of his crib to make an appearance. The poor kid has been underdressed (bare feet, a diaper, and undershirt) in Pennsylvania and NC, then bundled up in Florida (we bloggers have been complaining, and we know she reads the blogs).
    But it’s what she does AFTER she hands off her little football, er….baby, that got my attention. She doesn’t begin speaking where she did the hand-off — she walks the length of the platform until she’s standing in front of her giant image on the side of the bus.
    That’s eerily reminiscent of those pictures we used to see of speeches given in the old Soviet Union, with giant images of Lenin and Stalin looming behind the speakers.

  • TKinVA

    Interesting, also, is the difference between her signatures in the two photos above, and in photos that have appeared elsewhere.
    I’ve seen some other samples from her book tour and it seems to morph from day to day.
    Like some teenage girl who sits in class, trying out different signatures to see which looks the best.

  • EvilPoet

    meh. Both images leave me cold. Very uninspired. It’s like conservatives are trying to capture a spark whose embers have long since flickered and burned out. Truth be told – all this Palinpaloosa is giving me a headache. When the lights dim and all the fuss settles all I see is an empress with no clothes who is a legend in her own mind.

  • vcInCA

    dennisQ, i think you hit on something very interesting (that SP is not awkward any more, and that was a major selling point for certain groups), which plays out in the pics, the clear ‘branding,’ etc.. yey for thinking of it!

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