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November 24, 2009

Palin's Bragging Rites

Palin Fort Bragg 1.jpg

I’m really curious about your take on these two shots (from Palin’s appearance at Fort Bragg), especially the second one which really freaks me out. (And why is this woman allowed anywhere close to America’s military installations with this PR charade?)

What the first shot prompts — and why Palin must have been in heaven Monday — is (shudder): “Commander-in-Chief.”

Palin Ft. Bragg 2 dinar.jpg

Concerning the second pic, I guess Sarah doesn’t finish her last name on the John Hancock, which makes her “Sarah Pal.” (I checked other examples and it’s how she’s been doing it. (Very folksy — except for the end of the “l” about to run up Saddam’s nose.)

It’s truly impressive how automatically Palin — piggybacking on the Saddam-branded dinar brought back from Iraq as a soldier’s souvenier — lends her endorsement to the cost and false justification of stamping this guy out.

(photos: Sara D. Davis/Getty. November 23, 2009. Fort Bragg, North Carolina)

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