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November 5, 2009

Paging Dr. Dean

Tim Kaine.jpg

Talk about the dregs … and the Democrats poor use of pictures.

Of course, DNC Chair Tim Kaine is going to eat humble pie after the Dems lost two high-profile Governorships on Tuesday. The expression also goes with the territory. But did outgoing Governor Tim really have to trumpet the defeat by holding the morning-after press conference at the Virginia state capitol, sitting in the same chair he helped lose for the party by 17 points?

(photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images. November 4, 2009. Richmond, Virginia)

  • DanM

    Apparently, Irish guilt and Jewish guilt have nothing on Democratic guilt.

  • mike

    Time to get a clue, Morans! No one listens to Dr. Dean anymore, do they? How would an Obama administration look if Dean had been named Chief of Staff instead of Rahm? Much better, IMO…

  • bystander

    … sitting in the same chair he helped lose for the party by 17 points?

    If that isn’t a really good question. Sometimes I genuinely wonder if the Democrats don’t actually work at setting themselves up. And, it’s not like the Republicans are any shining example to look at right now, either.

    [A]pparently a group of Tea Partiers organizing a sit-in in Speaker Pelosi’s office at 1:45 PM. Only they’re telling people an office number that isn’t Pelosi’s office…. - Josh Marshall; TPM

    You can wonder what kinds of images might come of that.
    George Will (who I typically can barely tolerate on a good day) wrote a column a long while back about the tendency for individuals to follow bad choices, or poor decisions, by equally poor choices/decisions until they find themselves in a proper hole. At the point of recognition, they need extraordinary resources to dig out. Resources which may not be available to them any time soon. I would argue that this “truth” (if you will) seems to apply to groups as well. And, right now, applies to our government as a whole; Democrat and Republican alike.
    I can only imagine that there are representatives of both parties, in both houses, all the chairmanships, and an array of Obama’s cabinet who could be captured in the same pose daily. And they should have their heads in their hands. Hopefully, if caught on camera, they can choose a better location in which to be caught than Tim Kaine did.

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