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November 16, 2009

Newsweek Gives Cover Girl Palin A Dressing Down

Palin Newsweek Runners World.jpg
Newsweek delegates itself as official push-back committee as SP's book tour kicks off another media wave of cheese ball Palinmania.

Recyling an original photo from the August Runners World interview and slideshow, Newsweek issues Palin a slap — pretending it's our mother talking — while simultaneously taking it to the bank. And, along the way, we get an ever cheaper take on the underlying Palin themes (pictures allowing statements the media couldn't bluntly say otherwise), including:

1. Ooh la la. (Those legs aren't in Runners World anymore!)

2. US Oh! Of course, sex and patriotism sells a lot better than sex alone. (Read: Army banner on window + pin-up girl pose + the mile of Old Glory).

3. Health and nature sells. Again, you've got that trademark secessionist, call-of-the-wild, Palin-branded "mountains in my back yard" and mukluks thing going on.

4. Technology and "Super Mom" sells — because she really does run around with multiple cell phones/PDA's.

Update 11/16/09: BAG contributor Nina Berman takes the picture a different direction, seeing Palin's Runners World photo op as the rope she hands Newsweek to hang herself. She writes:

The Newsweek cover is a shrewd strategic maneuver to demean Palin without having to take responsibility for it. I think it's brilliant. They take an inelegantly, even laughably propped photo where Palin is an obvious participant as opposed to being a manipulated subject, and recontextualize it to show how far out she is willing to travel on the road of self promotion. They beat her at her own game and in the process shield themselves from what would have been the inevitable criticism if they had dolled her up themselves and posed her the same way.

Update 2: 11/17/09 8:30pm PST

If you were confused or offended by the discussion on this post today, I owe a brief explanation. YahooNews linked to the piece this morning sending a huge amount of traffic to the post, along with a flood of comments from people unfamiliar with the tone and mission of BAGnewsNotes.

Unfortunately, I wasn't monitoring the comments and didn't really look at them closely till this evening. A good many had nothing to do with the cover, and many more came up far short of constructive. Most troubling, though, is that a handful attacked Nina Berman in an ugly and personal way and have since been deleted. … I should also say specifically to people that aren't familiar with BAGnewsNotes (as, yes, a progressive site, but more so, one that examines media dynamics and semiotics) that, although none of us here may be Sarah Palin fans, Nina was calling out Newsweek's editorial acumen only.

Finally, as regular readers know, we are extremely proud of the discussions here at BAGnewsNotes and consider them as important to the site as the posts themselves. If this kind of exposure is a price of The BAG's growth or increased visibility, part of our plan, as we expand the site, will likely include either a closer monitoring of posts (at least, those featured more prominently on the open road of the information highway) or comment moderation of those posts, or both.

– Michael

(photo: Brian Adams)

  • mcmama

    Is she wearing hose? Her legs look too shiny and they’re darker than her face and hands.

  • DennisQ

    This political season is Sarah Palin’s moment, and she’s making the days count. There’s no real resistance, because she’s not displacing anybody. She’s the right wing’s minister-without-portfolio.
    Palin’s star power makes her a good campaigner for other candidates. However, the fact that she’s not likely to be elected to national office herself limits her effectiveness. If she continues to bet on slow ponies like Doug Hoffman, she’ll become a political Zsa Zsa Gabor – good for a quote but otherwise irrelevant.

  • akinoluna – a female Marine

    Army banner? That’s used by family members who have family ALL branches of service, not just the Army.

  • Molly

    Did she towel off with the flag?
    I suspect Palin will become for the sale of magazines like Princess Di was. I will admit to purchasing a magazine simply because Diana was on the cover. I won’t admit to that with Palin because I won’t do that.

  • EvilPoet

    That picture is from another magazine layout – Runner’s World I think. As far as Old Glory goes, would a military banner have an American flag draped so carelessly over something like it is in the picture? Disrespectful comes to mind.

  • Tena

    I have to laugh. Arianna Huffington this morning in her editorial says: Prepare for a Palin onslaught in the press =
    Don’t look now, Arianna, but your ledes for the last 3 days have screamed Sarah Palin. You ARE the media onslaught. LOL

  • Anooshirvan

    I see Sarah Palin as one of the many “bubbles” that we have had lately. She is selling stale yesterday’s “news”, so I dare to predict that she will not be a electable even if she runs as the GOP candidate. Since the GOP has shrunk to a hardcore Taliban-like group with little political following among the racial minorities, progressives and many independent, she cab sell her stuff with some enthusiastic media collaboration as long as she is not “displacing anyone”. But when the time comes to displacing someone, she becomes very easy to beat politically. That was the lesson learned by McCain handlers, and I think the same lesson applies here too.

  • Bubba

    Boy oh boy, I hope she runs for president and I hope she gets nominated. It would be so much fun watching the campaign. Like watching a slow motion train wreck. And I think she would take the GOP into the wilderness for at least forty years, if not longer. Let’s all support Sarah Palin for president in 2012.

  • thomas

    She really is a problem for everybody and apparently Newsweek really couldn’t be happier about it.
    What a creepy cover.
    Palin presents exactly the sort of situation that a pluralistic society is meant to squash: the out-of-control individual with outsized, irrational and reckless ambitions is supposed to encounter resistance (or at least a failure to cooperate) from the numerous elites of our various, separate institutions. One could debate the degree to which this happened during the election, but the real weakness in our system is that everybody instead gets a payday by supporting her incrementally. Damage to reputation by association seems to be the only discouragement and Newsweek, at least, is certainly not above it.
    Having watched the Bush crew run amok like a gang of vandals for eight years persuades me that the sky is the limit for Palin if she plays her cards right. There would be protests in the streets and grumbling at cocktail parties, but, as every good iditarod racer knows, there will be barking but the dogs will run.

  • Johnson

    A funny part of the book was her explanation for why she did the Couric interview:
    No holds back against the McCain campaign.

  • Tired of Sarah

    Poor Sarah! If only she could truly see herself! Doesn’t she know what cheesy looks like? Caveat Sarah: If you take a cheesy photo, it will be used again elsewhere ‘out of context’ as you put it. Please explain, why, a 40 something woman would pose like a 1950’s version of an auto garage pin-up poster?? Didn’t she think she would show up againsies? Ooopsie Sarah, another bad decision!! But, that’s why McCain did not get my vote, if he was dumb enough to pick you for a running mate he certainly wasn’t smart enough to run the country!

  • Sally Rime

    Just another blatant example of our biased media. Newsweek is a joke! How come NO media outlets revealed the complete lack of experience Obama has or is extremely questionable associations? Palin will withstand this attack. She’s an extremely intelligent and capable woman!

  • Chris

    I think it’s kind of sad you people are STILL GOING ON about Palin. Who cares? It’s obvious to those of us with intelligence that both parties are actively working for themselves, and not the people. The parties are playing divide and conquer, you sheep. You are too blind by hated and ignorance to see it. Never owning your own mistakes, and looking for a Republican or Democrat to blame.
    So now that the left has it’s Messiah and congress, what has come of it? Nothing. Typical handouts to Wall Street types. (Dozens working for Obama) Grabbing power as usual. Taxes so they can have little pet projects to give their districts, effectively buying votes. How about that great “Porkulus Bill?” Remember, they told us we needed it, or unemployment would reach EIGHT PERCENT!!!!! Well, it’s at 10.2 and climbing. How’s that for “Hope and Change”?
    Keep hating on an ex-VP candidate, it’s what the political class wants.

  • Schap

    Typical women bashing, if we would only get smart we could become President…Men protect each other and it is the same problem left from High School. The Pretty Girls getting attacked by the band geeks and ugly girls…its just now they have a Pen?

  • yaya

    I don’t like her politics but I wish I could be in as great shape as she is after half a dozen children… Keep running… for exercise…

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    The only women slamming Sarah are the ones who could never hold a candle to her looks, skills, and especially her brain. The LADY has it ALL, and the rest can’t even follow her. Yeah, your choice of President is doing a bang up job isn’t he? Sit back and watch Sarah, they will be begging for your leadership in 2012 or SOONER! Semper Fi, and God Bless!

  • ed

    newsweek.. AND this article are a joke. this page is so poorly written, as though a child wrote it!

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    Hit the nail on the head!

  • schap

    Typical Female Bashing all the while we sit here and watch the first lady on cover after cover BUT THAT IS OK and keep bowing for the United States that makes me feel real proud of my CIC…idiots all of them that is okay because here comes 2010..get ready for a plane trip home DEMS..

  • JC

    What a bunch of sexist and racist idiots. During this last election you have set race relations and gender equality back 40 years. ?Congratulations to all of you that consider yourself wonderful caring democrats. I was a democrat till this past season and now you all make me sick to my stomach. God help you if you ever do find another woman to run for president you have made it fair game to treat her a like a bimbo sex kitten. Nice.

  • schap

    Welcome JC you have seen the light…

  • schap

    She’s a jealous woman I am telling you that is all it is……

  • schap

    I did not even know what she looked like I knew already from her snarling comments the green eyed monster was in her so she must be ugly inside and out….

  • Bubbalou

    “……..recontextualize it to show how far out she is willing to travel on the road of self promotion.”
    You mean “runs” that road of self promotion?:)
    I think this really is her self promotion tour, “look at me”, ” buy my book”, but then cries about the two edge sword that is fame and asking for attention, just like the parents of Balloon boy.
    You cannot have it both ways, you cannot quit as Governor then say it was for family when you come out and do this which is 100X worse for the family spot lighting factor.
    Seems irresponsible there no matter how that cake is sliced.
    You’d have to be pretty dense not to see through this, I do not blame her, get the $ and get out, but hurry the heck up!!
    I’ve heard nothing new here, same old baloney, not that I expected anything new, but she is whacky, never know, might hang herself yet again.

  • schap

    I totally agree, she had a bigger resume than he did but we are seeing that now… I am so sick of seeing them on TV like they are celebrities…they are PUBLIC servants not the other way around…

  • schap

    The real issue is the woman bashing…I agree same stuff different day and she is cashing in, hell I would too with all that abuse she went thru..The real problem here is how the left wing loser women and wannabes are treating the right wing pretty girl….

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    Green with envy aren’t you!

  • Just Tired

    Im so glad that you are the path the way and the light… I see all the good you have done in the turmoil your nation is facing, oh thats right who are you, what have you done?

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    Does anyone get it yet? NEWSWEAK stole the photo….

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    I semi agree regarding the flag, however it is not touching the ground…

  • Semper Fi Sarge


  • [email protected]

    Can you all start to comment on Sarah’s politics, because all I hear is public assasination. I guess that’s to be expected considering that “NoNews” Week is involved. But sheesh…grow a brain please, the rest of the world does not care about your opinions…they want to know how we are going to fix things. If you can’t be a leader fine…at least be useful.

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    Bubba, You’re a little late in regards to the GOP, they are already toast, and within the next 18 months so will the Demo-Liberals. Ahhhhh….. the smell of burning toast all around the nations capital, refreshing isn’t it!

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    You actually read NEWSWEAK? Poor guy. We need to get you another magazine subscription…how about Guns & Ammo?

  • EvilPoet

    Call me picky: US Flag Code

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    Can we get an Amen for Thomas? PLEASE..I totally agree with every word written. Neither party is any different than the other. It’s all about THEM and we are “Dust In The Wind” to every politician out there….”Screw The Parties-Before the Parties Screws You”

  • th ritter

    Um, no. The photographer most likely owns the rights to his photos, and sold them to RW for one-time use, then re-sold this one image to Newsweek for one-time use. The photographer can make good money from one image over time if the image is good enough to attract multiple “buyers.”
    ‘Tis capitalism in all its glory.

  • Semper Fi Sarge

    Let’s at least hope it was made in the USA, and not in China!

  • Dan Lambert

    Are you looking at what’s at issue here? Newsweek used a picture out of context to further a biased political agenda and all YOU can focus on is her legs? You truley are a moron!

  • Inattention

    You can best believe that the world is taking note of this issue- of the glaring dual standards shown by this magazine and your collective feedback- and will certainly remind you when the next liberal candidate is lauded as the latest and greatest savior.
    I think you’re all pissed because the last two notable females in your party were Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Need I say more? Perhaps you’re all voyeurs and are anxiously waiting a lesbian romp between the two. It seems more likely.
    You continually call yourselves the enlightened, cultured, and educated; and yet you have the shortest attention span and lack of historical reflection of any group in existence. The only difference- for now, mind you- is that you have the loudest public voice. Why? You do because you are told to believe you do. If it weren’t for the media right now I swear you couldn’t change your own pants. You adhere to their concepts because it suits your needs- everything is up for grabs, there is no absolute, and everything you do is judged solely by the situation itself- not for its future impact, and not by the past.
    Most of you hate taking responsibility for your own actions, and want someone else to decide your fate for you, having screwed it up so badly over and over yourself. This is why you love big government. That, and because you are such a cowards that you’re afraid to punch someone in the face for being blatantly stupid. You’d rather them sue some big company or the government itself for their own actions.
    Most of you don’t own anything but a car and a bunch of stuff in an apartment. Had you done something with your life, like raised children, cared about your family (or they about you)or bought a house- perhaps you’d play a different song rather than the tired b.s. you spew every chance you get. If this weren’t true, your colors would be found in places other than huge metropolitan areas- places where ALL our “social” money goes to. Museums. Public transportation. Social programs. All in the city serving the serfs- who start the chain all over again voting for another idiot.
    I’m the last person on the planet who would vote conservative if another method showed a successful run at any other time in history. If any other method made TRUE progress. If any other mindset put us further ahead. I am not stupid enough to jump on the two party train and cheer Bush while booing Obama. They’re all screwing us, and the banter of the media’s propaganda machine is keeping otherwise intelligent people from thinking for themselves. Get a freaking clue. Think about what you’re doing, because all I see here is the same old polarized bullshit that has been spewed over and over for the sake of ‘your cause.’

  • Chuck

    It’s sad how so many people today are like Nena and confuse bad taste and bad character for “shrewd strategic maneuver[s].” One can excuse an awful lot of misbehavior using that standard. The cover of Newsweek says, “She’s bad for the GOP – and for everybody else, too,” but I wonder if they’ve considered that she’s probably going to be the worst for Newsweek.

  • Stewbie

    Newsweek has figured out a way to sell magazines. given their dismal financial forecast, they have to turn to the hottest political figure out there. The liberals are looking for anything to bash this woman. It’s hilarious. How’s your rock star president working out? Just three more years until sanity returns to the White House.

  • Dan Lambert

    Are you looking at what’s at issue here? Newsweek used a picture out of context to further a biased political agenda and you tacitly approve? This is honest coverage? Tell me, is a charge of sexism “relevant” only when brought by a Liberal? I used to be a liberal until I realized people like you have a firewall in front of their eyes. Relevant? Sarah is very relevant; her I trust and NOT BO; sadly a man I voted for. I agree with you in that no Washington experience does limit her effectiveness but,hopefully, she will run for the Senate and refute allegations such as yours.

  • Gator

    Does anyone know if Obama is a runner? I know he plays golf once or twice a week and has date night once a week and plays basketball off and on. Mmmm.. Is he still smoking? Anyone…anyone…? Can’t wait for 2010 and then 2012! Thanks Dems for getting Conservatives back on track. Obama opened our eyes in a huge way and we know what we don’t want for our country in 2012. Bless your hearts!

  • Dan Lambert

    Thank you for not supporting Newsweek which is a part of the Fourth Estate that has sold out the people of the United States to support a unidimensial politcal agenda. What happened to the presses mandate to pursue the FACTS on behalf of the American people?
    I’m ex-Navy but well done Marine!!!!

  • Clem Guttata

    I didn’t see this in the comments anywhere. Here is Sarah Palin’s take on the cover (as posted on Facebook: ), via
    The choice of photo for the cover of this week’s Newsweek is unfortunate. When it comes to Sarah Palin, this “news” magazine has relished focusing on the irrelevant rather than the relevant. The Runner’s World magazine one-page profile for which this photo was taken was all about health and fitness – a subject to which I am devoted and which is critically important to this nation. The out-of-context Newsweek approach is sexist and oh-so-expected by now. If anyone can learn anything from it: it shows why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, gender, or color of skin. The media will do anything to draw attention – even if out of context.
    - Sarah Palin

    And, yes, she does refer to herself in third person.

  • Gator

    I couldn’t agree more JC!

  • Steve

    So true…male politicians, pundits, bloggers, etc never say anything mean about one another. We men-folk just gang up on the ladies.

  • phatboy

    Palin attended FOUR DIFFERENT COLLEGES. One two different times.
    Why has that never been a story?
    Glenn Beck and Rush would lose their mind if there was a democratic nominee with that pedigree.
    Republicans should be ashamed of supporting someone like this who never excelled at anything prior to being mayor of a town no one’s ever heard of in Alaska. I’m not saying a presidential nominee can’t go to a mediocre college, but if they do I would expect at the least something resembling: Dean’s list, broke a major story for the paper, helped change university rules to help students, started an important club on campus etc.
    That would demonstrate aptitude and leadership.
    Palin received no honors while attending these schools (some honor was given to her recently by one looking for publicity).
    Republicans are willing to hand the keys to most powerful military in world history to someone who couldn’t graduate with any sort of accolades from below average universities. She never broke a story in her “journalism” major. Never worked for the paper or interned for any news stations as far as I know. Outstanding is not in her repertoire. (Unless you’re talking high school basketball).
    Having won the Miss Wasilla pageant, she finished third in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant, receiving the “Miss Congeniality” award and a college scholarship. She attended Hawaii Pacific University in the Fall of 1982, North Idaho College in the Spring and Fall of 1983, the University of Idaho in the Fall of 1984 and Spring of 1985, Matanuska-Susitna College in the Fall of 1985, and the University of Idaho again in the Spring and Fall of 1986 and the Fall of 1987, when she received her Bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism
    Palin’s early ambition was to be a sportscaster. Accordingly, after graduating, she worked as a sportscaster for KTUU-TV and KTVA-TV in Anchorage, and as a sports reporter for the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.
    In 1991 Sarah Palin, nine years out of high school, has worked as nothing other than a sports reporter in Alaska. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact a lot of men would probably be jealous, but turn on your television the next time you’re in a VERY small town and look at the sports reporters or weather people and let me know if you want them deciding matters that affect every person on the planet.

  • Gator

    Very Green!

  • kenny

    who cares she is hot and truth be told she knows it and she is riding it for all her worth

  • Gator

    Bless your heart! She has all of you so worked up.

  • phatboy

    Sad that a person addressing millions of people whom they have never met starts every paragraph with generalizations, accusations and assertions prefaced by “you people”, essentially.
    Sounds a lot like rhetoric you could drop into the forties or fifties.
    Do you actually think you can change hearts and minds when you preface your opinion with character assaults.
    People stop reading OPINIONS by people they don’t know after you challenge their ethics and morality, believe me.

  • hamid

    legally whore!!if she was USA president over %60 of country became prostitute as her girl.

  • dj

    Well said, excellent point. In a meritocracy her obvious incompetence would render her unknown. Ambition is sadly a substitute for proficiency. When no one does anything anymore anyway, the loud win.

  • proudconservative

    Newsweek is the lowest of the low, for stealing the photo from Runners World Mag,which was doing an article on health and fitness.(Couldn’t use old crows, such as Hilary or Pelosi, of course, for that). Newsweek is the typical Liberal,lying thief and should be sued to he hilt by Palin and by Runners World. Is it any wonder no one reads this trash mag anymore !!

  • Jake James

    Just another liberal throwing empty accusations at a true patriot. You’re probably some empty-headed bimbo who doesn’t have the sense to come in from the cold.

  • Rhonda

    Thank goodness Stewbie has a brain. Leave it to a liberal blog to point out the sex appeal of ANYONE. How stupid is this? The brainless liberals elect someone based on their sex appeal and we’re stuck with an anti-American, extremist muslim lovin’, socialist liar for three more years.
    As far as Ms. Palin’s effectiveness goes,she is leading a conservative movement of those of us who are sick of the over-spending in Washington and is a voice for those who value our country and our founders intentions when they wrote this country’s constitution. If you don’t love this country, perhaps you could pick up a book called, “The 5000 Year Leap” which will remind you of what this great country was built on.
    I’m really quite sick of the genuflecting and the apologizing. Don’t change my constitution; I don’t want my country “fundamentally changed”. If you can’t bring yourself to love America even after learning about our country’s history then, go form your own nation somewhere else.
    And to you, mcmama, what a tool you are, you fall for the cheapest tricks. Another brainless liberal. I voted democrat for 32 years until I finally opened my eyes and saw the kind of damage that party inflicts and the “progressive party” (aka socialist party) which is trying to control Washington. Either these Obama lovin’ liberals are just as corrupt as he and his administration are or they are stupid and can’t figure out that they are trying to screw us.

  • Dick Hertz

    Why is it that any attractive woman gets abused by seemingly less attractive, overweight women??? Ms. Palin was posing for a RUNNING MAGAZINE PHOTO you moron, wearing what any female that was going out for her morning run would be wearing!!! You are just pissed because you couldn’t even get one leg in those shorts, hahaha. You are probably one of the 67% who are obese and is causing my health care costs to climb astronomically…

  • [email protected]

    You libtarded psychotics have NO shame. If Obama appeared on Basketball weekly in gym shorts, you would laud how fit & energetic he is in his athleticism. If Palin promotes running, it’s “self-promotion”. The hypocrisy of leftists is the most egregious in existence!

  • Avondale

    Yeap – she is their “nightmare”, but what they don’t realize is that Obama is their “true” nightmare not Sarah. Sarah is their easy target! I rather have Sarah in the White House who at least I know everything about. Our bias-media was very generous when it came to Sarah – they didn’t leave anything out; they exposed everything about her. They even stooped as low as exposing her children and her personal wardrobe… However, Obama, I still don’t know much about him. Where is Newsweek? Where is Curic’s interview? Where is ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN??? They’re bought out and will sell their country in a heartbeat. God help us!

  • Better Photog

    This site is deleting posts……….
    Great open and transparent debate.

  • [email protected]

    Brilliant ??!! Instead of attacking her on her views and philosophy they instead act like horny teenaged boys.
    Every woman, regardless of political viewpoint, should be insulted that the editor of Newsweek tried to marginalize Sarah Palin this way. It sickens me how we’ve become a country of name-calling cry babies-what happened to intelligent debate?

  • DK

    Please remember that the negligence of our last Republican president is how we inherited the issues we are currently choking on as a country. Last I checked, my “rock star” President was recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize and is exercising hardworking diplomacy in his first year, not vacationing. I’m thankful sanity HAS returned to the White House, because it clearly cannot be found in your residence.

  • Ron Kocsis

    Apparently your “progressive subsitute socialist” president doesn’t want any part of fighting the Taliban, he just wants to piss away money and jet fuel flying everywhere and never actually doing a damn thing that’s useful, just running up the biggest one year deficit in history. Oh but that record won’t last for long wait till next year, he’ll beat if he has his way. You and your rose-colored glasses wearing fellow liberals want to ignore all the campaign promises he made that he hasn’t kept and won’t keep. You’re like teen-age girls going gaga over a rock star. You buy into his pretty image and aren’t intelligent enough to see it is all talk. I thought George W. was the worst president ever, but the damage he did will pale against the destruction Obama plans for this country. Clearly you don’t check your facts and depend on the liberal broadcast media for your info. There is a huge groundswell growing in this country that is tired of your liberal crap. Nancy Pelosi is another liberal liar. “There will be no special earmarks once the democrats control the house”. Right the earmarks nearly doubled under her “leadership”. Why wasn’t the health care bill put on the internet for all to read 72 hours before it came to a vote like she promised. Some transparency Obama has delivered: the health care bill was written in secret by house dems and Obama’s minion. When are you going to grow up and face the truth – Obama is a naive pretender who doesn’t have a real clue about how to run this country.

  • US Citizen

    Speak English and leave the USA. American women don’t need your kind here bashing them.

  • GB

    I’d agree with you but I’d add that Sarah Palin also hates taking responsibility for her actions. She posed for this picture of her own free will but resents its use. She wants a public platform to air her opinions and complaints, but she resents disagreement or criticism. She wants to be commended on her family values but resents scruting of her family. She talks about a fictional “real” America but resents any mention of her husband’s association with an Alaskan separatist group.
    She is compelling and I have a lot of friends who love her but no one seems to be bothered by the devastation wrought by the last president who lack depth and curiosity the way she does.

  • GB

    “scrutiny” of her family…apologies

  • GB

    She has us worked up because she’d be a disatrous president. Conservative? Fine. Stupid as a rock? Not just no, HELL no. We’re still recovering from the last ignoramus.

  • GB

    This has nothing to do with Obama, only Palin’s self promotion via the staged cheesecake shot for Runner’s World. Why is it out of context? Why is it a shock and tragedy? Because SHE is not earning the royalties, no doubt.

  • GB

    Because she would be a disastrous president. We are worked up because we don’t want her anywhere near the office.

  • GB

    No, she is hated for who she is and what she’s done.

  • Rafael

    Ripped right out Glenn “Chicken Little” Beck’s handbook, including the supplemental reading list.

  • Julia Grey

    As this photograph itself clearly shows, Sarah Palin has deliberately made enormous use of her sex appeal in her political career. This woman posed for this undignified photograph while she was serving as Governor of Alaska, shorts and all, and now she has the brass to claim that the embarrassment of it is SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT?
    Newsweek ran this photograph for a legitimate journalistic purpose: it reveals a great deal about Sarah Palin’s political methods and judgment. Getting attention and being perceived as attractive is more important to this woman than anything else. She made this mistake because she wanted the largely-male readership of Runners World to see and admire her nice legs. She wanted to look sexy and Wow The Guys. In effect, she wanted to “flirt” with the readers of Runners World. It was a massive error of judgment, brought on by her narcissism, her reliance on her sexuality to get her way in the world, and her thirst for public attention. Now she has to live with that.
    Whatever happened to “personal responsibility”?

  • Wayne Dickson

    Wow! Is this the new Bag? A site where comments are dominated by exchanges of insults? Formulaic, fill-in-the-blanks personal insults?
    Any comment that comprises nothing but either slightly adapted (at best!) partisan “talking points” or equally partisan “I’ve been suckered into treating talking points as if they were legitimate contributions to intelligent discourse…” That comment reveals a lot about the one who posts it, but very little about analysis or understanding of the image itself.
    What’s the point? One can find such “static noise” anywhere on the internet dial. And wherever it’s posted, that noise is basically generic and essentially pointless.

  • [email protected]

    “Your president” – laughable. Please post something that requires an 8th grade education. Last I checked, the president’s Nobel Peace Prize was seen by his peers in the continent he’s in right now (Asia) as a popularity contest. Internationally, Obama is seen as inexperienced, overly sensitive, and weak. Thanks DK for giving us this problem – I mean, rock star.

  • Ray

    So DK, you Brilliant thinker, you think that we have sanity in the white house? what planet do you live in? My children will have to pay for your heros foolish and reckless spending. we are now 10.2 unemployment highest in years,Goverment has no business in doing so but it has taken over private secter companies thanks to your hero, we will have given US citizen rights to terrorist causing our country to be less safe, we have never seen such a Narcissistic, self Indulgent, immature, inexperienced, leader in our history and I am afraid for my country….but you probably can relate to this person because you obviously have similar traits and people like you are responsible for the condition this country is in today…but the American people are awakening and folks of your elk days are numbered thank God….opps didn’t mean to offend you with the reference to God….not really

  • Ray

    Tired you are a mental giant….obviously you are just a scared rat who is afraid of Sarah and people of your type days are numbered….the American people are getting wise to you and there will be sanity back to the white house in 2012.

  • Britinbangkok

    Oh my God, Americans are blaming Obama for the present crisis. How stupid are they? He’s been in office for 9 1/2 months! Bush is the one you should be blaming. He’s the one that allowed the banks to run roughshod over any laws they wanted to make as much profit as they wanted. Are you REALLY that stupid that you think Obama had anything to do with that?
    I live in Asia, and thank God I do. America is on its way down. The country can’t even get most of its citizens health insurance coverage (even Thailand, where I live offers cheap healthcare to everyone (less than $1 a doctor’s visit or hospital treatment) and the medical care here is better than any I ever received in the US, and the Republicans are behind this misinformation campaign about how healthcare reform is going to bankrupt the country. Please. How much of your tax dollars is going to Iraq and Afghanistan, might I ask.
    God, so many Americans are so stupid! Although, that’s no surprise. More than 50% of you voted for Bush. How dumb can you really be :-) And Palin is a moron. Nothing else to say on that.

  • Julia Grey

    P.S. I used to be Sarah Palin myself. I know what she’s doing because I did it, too. Not always consciously, but…
    It works, especially on men. Being attractive is a source of power over them. They are sooooo taken by beauty, it was ridiculously easy to manipulate them into agreeing with me, helping me and defending me. Seriously.
    So I guess I shouldn’t blame Sarah for relying on a power I used myself for years and years. But I do. A woman’s overt use of her sexuality to gain the public trust is completely inappropriate (unlike in business, where as far as I’m concerned individuals are welcome to use everything they have to make their way, divvil take the hindmost — with the caveat that there will always be consequences of miscalculation that one will have to accept). A woman politician can work to be attractive of course, and use her personal charm on people, just as a male politician does. She just needs to leave the winky-poo flirtatiousness and vamping out of it.
    I had to gradually give up using that power as I aged and it no longer worked as well. Sarah only has about 10 more years to use it to good effect. Fifteen, MAYBE, if she gets some more surgery.
    Having a brain, special skills and a good education helped me find other ways to deal successfully with the world in my 50s. In fact, relying too much on my looks had blinded me to the strength of my other talents for way too long. Looking back, I kick myself for not having more confidence in my intelligence and other abilities. I took the short cut, and it cost me a lot time when I could have been as happy as I am today. I really wonder if Sarah will easily make that transition, from using sex to using her inner resources. This photo she agreed to in her 40s doesn’t make me sanguine about that.
    So, am I just envious of Sarah’s looks (as many of her defenders claim below)? I can honestly say no. Been there, did that.
    Actually, under the surface of my irritation with her dishonest whining, I feel a little bit sorry for Palin. She’ll make lots of money and be a celebrity to the end of her days, of course (she won’t run for president, or if she does she’ll drop out early). But the fact that she agreed to this ridiculous cheesecake photo even after she reached a pretty high pinnacle of success in life (the governorship) makes me think that she’s more needy than any amount of fame and fortune can satisfy.
    It’s a shame that women’s beauty (or lack of it) has to be such a big deal this society. But life is what it is, you live where and when you live, and you make your peace as you can. As a feminist, I have to confess a bit of sympathy. We all get warped by the “youth and beauty = goodness and truth” mythology in one way or another; we just have guard against letting it ruin us inside.
    I’m afraid in Sarah the damage may have already been done. Her lousy judgment regarding this picture doesn’t inspire confidence.

  • Sheila Becker

    And President Obama, is bowing to other country leaders and making us the laughing stock of the world. And as for inherited issues, yes you will even have more when Obama and his liberal cronies get done with us. Look at the deficits he and his liberal democrats(spendocrats)are doing to our nation. And as for Newsweek, I don’t know why they are still in business, maybe it is the free issues they give to the schools so they can spread their liberal democratic views. Newsweek partial you bet to the liberal democrats.

  • Mike

    So, you admit to vamping around as your tool for success and because of that, you are qualified to judge the motives of another. You are a strange and sad little woman. If you would open your eyes and engage your brain, maybe you could see the truth here. She has explained what the article was about for which the picture was produced. If you think that healthy looking people in a running magazine are just there to sell magazines based on sex or to promote themselves then your judgment is severely clouded. The issue here has nothing to do with whether Sarah should have posed for a picture for the article, it is about whether Newsweek is doing an injustice by taking that photo and using it out of context to sell their magazine while trying to make her somehow look like a bimbo. Apparently it works with people of limited intelligence.

  • ConAir

    The only thing Obama was recognized for was not being Bush. Good job there.
    Oh yeah hardworking diplomacy…
    “President Barack Obama has only been in office for just over nine months, but he’s already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.”
    Really has his nose to the grindstone huh?

  • MW

    Nobel Peace Prize???? Mad magazine did more to deserve that.

  • jmr

    The Internet is wonderful. I get to see the Newsweek cover which I think is good. It shows Mrs Palin is not only smart with common sense and fundamental American values but also a healthy body and nice legs and I did not have to give Newsweek a single penny as it tries to bail itself out of bad a economic situation due to it’s continuing poor decisions and judgements.

  • CSea

    Ray, at least your children will have a planet to live on now. If it was up to Bush we would all be choking to death on his relaxed air pollution standards. Speaking of Narcissistic, what about all those hummers his entourage would tour around in with gas prices at $4 and up a gallon. Nice. That’s right haliburton is your friend and just disregard those hard working middle class folks whose sweat is filling your pockets. but wait, the republicans shipped all our jobs overseas and now we are all unemployed.
    Speaking of God, which one exactly? Oh, right, when you are a fundamentalist republican it is your duty to push your beliefs on others and totally disregard that we have freedom of religion in this great country of ours. Just because someone has an original thought and a differing opinion from yours does not mean that we are godless and lacking of morals. Quite the contrary, we teach tolerance not hate – the republicans should try it.
    Thank you very much.

  • JC

    DK your Rock Star President is an absolute DISGRACE to the United States. If you believe the people that decide on the Nobel Peace prize are the people we should look up to and respect you are a complete idiot! You watch how far down the toilet this country gets the longer that derelict stays in office!

  • knomor

    I know this may offend most of you who’ve posted recently, but it is not intended to do so. Bowing in most countries is not a sign of weakness but a sign that I see you as a man just like me. Most nations see humble expressions of friendship as a good thing when dealing with others. Politically it says we’re equals. However, we are a prideful nation. Arrogant even. And I’m not saying that negatively its just a fact. We prefer others to bend their knees to us and worship us and we dictate to them how to exist. But bowing when greeting someone in their country is not a weakness as most of you seem to think. As for the rest of your comment…u may b right.

  • Escape to Reality

    Oh Sheila, Shelia, Shelia… where have you been the last 10 or so years? The US was ALREADY a laughing stock of the world while Bush was in office. I find it funny how people, such as yourself, talk about Obama and the “Spendocrats” spending… when your boy Bush, followed the line of failed thinking that Reagan had by cutting taxes for the ultra-rich to the tune of about 2 trillion dollars.. while spending his butt off in the process. Thank GOD Obama is letting those tax-cuts expire and not letting them become permanent.
    All presidents are at fault to some degree, you people just think that this president is the problem for everything.
    The sad part Sheila? When President Clinton was in office and we had a budget surplus… we were ON OUR WAY to eliminating the national debt by 2015… until Bush got into office, that is.

  • happianyanoit

    u really HATE him, eh?

  • Escape to Reality

    Out of the 8 years Bush was in office… he spent over 3 of those years on Vacation… at Camp David mostly.

  • jason24

    how is this sexist? She posed for the picture, didn’t she. Women always throw the sex card! Are you letting those hot legs she’s showing off cloud your brain? I’m with jmr on this one. She looks good for an old lady and has enough charisma to excite a huge discipleship, (ur 1 of ‘em) So what they used a picture that she intentionally posed for. As long as they didn’t violate any copyright law its a free market, capitalist government. Lets not turn SOCIALIST here, dude.
    Women R HOT. They do everything they can to show guys that. But they call it sexist when you say it.

  • knomor

    who’s sexist again?

  • Julia Grey

    So, you admit to vamping around as your tool for success and because of that, you are qualified to judge the motives of another.
    I’m saying I’m qualified to RECOGNIZE the motives of another woman who is doing what I did. Takes one to know one and all that.
    She has explained what the article was about for which the picture was produced.
    And she couldn’t have posed in longer pants for that article because…?
    The issue here has nothing to do with whether Sarah should have posed for a picture for the article,
    I agree. It is whether Sarah should have posed for THAT KIND of picture for the article.
    it is about whether Newsweek is doing an injustice by taking that photo and using it out of context to sell their magazine while trying to make her somehow look like a bimbo.
    Newsweek is using that photo to illustrate THEIR article, which is about “the problem” of Sarah, and that photo sums up a great deal of that problem: inappropriate use of her sexuality to gain attention and power, and really lousy personal judgment. Changing the context of the photo doesn’t change the fact that it’s an absurd pinup shot of someone who should have known better. The woman is a Christian mother and grandmother and was the governor of the state of Alaska when it was taken. She shouldn’t have put on that getup for a photo shoot under ANY circumstances. The reason she was happy to wear shorts and hose is because she wanted to look “hot.” There’s no other explanation. Her pretense that it was entirely innocent is a standard part of the brain-disengaging manipulation she’s attempting: “Oops! I’m just trying to look ‘healthy’ here, and I can’t help it if I naturally look sexy, too, it’s a total accident, I’m really not trying to engage your libido! Honest!”
    So yes, she looks like a bimbo. But she looked like a bimbo when it was the cover of Runner’s World, too. Now she looks like a bimbo to the rest of the world as well, and it’s no one’s fault but her own. “Personal Responsibility.” Are you for it?
    If you would open your eyes and engage your brain, maybe you could see the truth here.
    I could say the same to you, but it looks like neither of us have a hope of convincing the other. I’ve provided my…testimony…regarding this kind of behavior for the edification of the readers here. That’s all I can do.
    Good night.

  • A.W.S

    DK, I see that you are wearing your Obama armband and blindfold. You goose-step, with your brethren, to the ‘…just words, just speeches…’ of your new found messiah. You pray for the ‘Left-Loosed’ government to save Americans from themselves. Principled conservatives like myself and many, many others across this great land strive continually to promote individualism, not collectivism; to inspire ingenuity and innovation, not rehash tired and failed social-communistic policies. Your ignorance of true freedom has propelled you to be enslaved to that which seeks to destroy freedom. Remove the blindfold, take off the ‘O’ armband, unshackle yourself and jump off that bandwagon of ‘hope and change’. Stand on your own with resilience and confidence. For you will come to realize that it is better to be a leader than a lackey of one.

  • [email protected]

    Toobad she is not a blonde. She would be the proverbial bimbo

  • A.W.S

    Hate Obama? NO, we hate what he stands for. His propaganda machine is reminiscent of the NAZI regime. His policies will make all of us wards of the state, if we allow it. Soon, in 2010, the Right change will make the Left….OUT!

    • Crabby Abbey

      Why is it that ‘baggers always blame liberals for the things they themselves do and are? It’s odd. The GOP is the party of propaganda. They own entire media empires who’s only goal is to lie, distort and scare white people into being “conservatives.” That is what is frightening. Tell me, AWS, how is your life different under Obama? He’s cut taxes for the middle class and done everything he possibly could to get our economy turned around. Not fast enough for you? After the debacle that was 8 years after Bush and with a House GOP unwilling to work with the democrats it’s going to be a very long time before anything changes. Unless we CLEAN THE HOUSE! Straight Ticket Dem 2012. :D

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    Wow! Is this the new Bag? A site where comments are dominated by exchanges of insults? Formulaic, fill-in-the-blanks personal insults?

    Any comment that comprises nothing but either slightly adapted (at best!) partisan “talking points” or equally partisan “I’ve been suckered into treating talking points as if they were legitimate contributions to intelligent discourse…” That comment reveals a lot about the one who posts it, but very little about analysis or understanding of the image itself.

    What’s the point? One can find such “static noise” anywhere on the internet dial. And wherever it’s posted, that noise is basically generic and essentially pointless.

    Wayne, this is not “the new BAG.” This post was featured by YahooNews this morning and it’s my fault for not monitoring the discussion thread as most of the commenters are not regular BAGnewsNotes readers. I am closing the discussion thread right now because the majority of the comments, as you indicate, either aren’t reflective of the picture or aren’t constructive or reflective of the tone or mission of the site.

    I should also add that, contrary to the comment of a poster a few entries up the thread, I have not deleted any comments. As soon as I close the thread though, I am going back and deleting all comments — and there are quite a few of them — that are derogatory to Nina Berman. The attacks on her are truly ugly and offensive, and are an affront to her and to the site.

    Michael Shaw,

  • gryphon

    Missed the original fun here, but, the main thing this image shows me is contempt for the US flag. Sure every pol uses it for a prop but shouldn’t a governor have an idea how a flag should and shouldn’t be treated? Most school kids know better I imagine.
    It is not being flown or displayed in a fashion that it deserves, unless it is beneath you and you’d like to see it destroyed anyway… Even if the photographer was ignorant an aide or the Gov herself should have mentioned the flag deserved more respect than being thrown over a chair back and LEANED upon…
    Silent code like this photo and the photo of her with a bircher society paper on her desk she is pointing to are dog whistles to crackpots. Remember dumbya SIGNING small flags for souvenirs? They Don’t Care what anyone outside their bubbles think and will proceed thusly…
    Middle Aged Contemptuous Secessionist Barbie is all I see in this photo. Why were half the posts in this thread about Obama??
    Reese on Malcolm In The Middle had a box for Shiny Things, that is where she came from..

  • Bubba

    My children will have to pay for Bush’s foolish wars for years and years and years. What do you Republicans think helped bring the economy down, in addition to Republican insistence on deregulating everything and their big tax cuts for the rich? Beyond that, Bush’s foolishness has resulted in the deaths of more than 5,000 young soldiers and for what? Not to mention the tens of thousands of men, mostly men, whose bodies and minds are broken. The lives wasted on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is a national disgrace. The Republicans like to tell us they are “pro life.” Right. Tell that to the parents of a son or daughter lost in one of Bush’s stupid wars.
    And the money wasted could have sent every American young person to college for free. What’’s better, pounding dollars down into the sands of a foreign desert or investing in our own country’s young people instead of killing them? The sheer ignorance and mean-spiritedness of Republicans is astonshing. And Sarah Palin is just a pretty face on this ignorance.
    In order to be a Republican and an admirer of Palin, you have to be thoroughly misinformed.

  • Bubba

    Nazi regime. Please. Any cursory examination of WWII history and the Nazis shows absolutely no parallel with President Obama’s administration. You may as well say that President Obama is a Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. Nazi regime. That comment puts on full display the ignorance of the Republican right wing nuts.

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