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November 14, 2009

New York to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Bring in On


Seeing a three-column Khalid Shaikh Mohammed staring me down this morning when I unfolded the Times, my first reaction was: “playing the fear card.” But after reading all three accompanying articles (1, 2, 3) about the impending transfer of Mohammed to NYC, to be held and tried just blocks from Ground Zero, the in-your-face photo has a different read (at least locally).

You think this is confrontational, ominous, intimidating? Yeah, right. Check out the Nadler and Bloomberg quotes. It’s New York. They want to settle the score.

(photo: AP)

  • ratfood

    KSM is a bright and shiny object intended to distract people from more important questions such as why are 50 others being tried by military tribunals?

  • acuvue oasys

    ratfood: quite possibly, but this man was the mastermind of 9/11 so he needs to be put away/put down if convicted. The issue of military tribunals is a very unfairone and should be addressed but the crimes of this man cnanot be dismissed or ignored.

  • ratfood

    Certainly not. My point is simply that if the U.S. courts are capable of trying the mastermind, and I believe they are, why are they apparently incapable of trying the others?

  • Wordsmith

    “why are 50 others…”
    Five (5) NOT 50.

  • DanM

    It’s not possible to characterize fully the various and unacknowledged disasters that surround and pervade the apprehension, detention and interrogation of all of the other Guantamo Bay inmates in one sweeping statement, but it’s probably fair to suggest that these others’ experiences comprised sufficient ‘constitutional shrugs’ to make their prosecution within the bounds of our Federal Court system to be uncomfortable, if not unsuccessful, on the government’s part.
    Shout out to Dick Cheney — THANKS, DICK!

  • DennisQ

    Why can’t we just continue on in the dysfunctional way of the Bush administration and keep this fellow indefinitely? There really is nothing to be gained by putting him on trial.
    The notion of a fair trial is something for the Clint Eastwood movies. He’d round up the outlaws and take them to jail a three days’ ride away. But what kind of fair trial is that, when friendly witnesses are three days away?
    Come to think of it, there’s nothing to be gained by having any kind of trial. You can tell by looking at him he’s guilty.

  • ratfood

    Thanks for the correction. I suffer from numeric dyslexia. Having said that, there will presumably be more. Anyway, 5 is too many.

  • Wordsmith

    welll… in all fairness, the capitalized ‘O’ appearing after the ‘5′ is deceptive. I suffer from audio numeric dyslexia.

  • Gasho

    I can see it now.. Trial day maybe 5:
    KSM: “.. I was following orders of Osama and Bush to attack the … ” [Live feed disrupted]
    Cut to–
    Wolf Blitzer: Well, this man’s obviously a religious fanatic who’s crazy and needs to be put down. I don’t see any further trial being necessary in this case..
    Guest: Did he just say something about Bu.. [sound cuts out]
    End Trial and Coverage. Nothing more to see here. 911 has been vindicated.

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