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November 28, 2009

How Great Buildings Fall… (psst: Cheney in 2012!)


a. The key element here is the promo top left, turning the larger image into a Cheney ‘12 ad. (Dems driving the government — as opposed to the larger “Empire,” into the ground.) The criticism of “Foxulists” also boosts Cheney cred, especially after Newsweek did a major number on Palin last week.

b. Is there also a 9/11 echo at play morphing plane as projective/symbolic American buildings/devastating crashes? …But then, who needs terrorists when we can finish the job ourselves?

  • boxcar

    What do folks think? I can only see 4 possibilities. This is:
    1. random coincidence
    2. planned
    3. carefully planned
    4. carefully planned to precision
    Are the folks at time explicitly shilling like this?
    Man, i must be so out of touch. To think that everyday folks would put the “Cheney 20120″ bit in as a “hey, look at that”.
    Great post. thanks

  • DennisQ

    The upside down Capitol building looks like it’s holding saline fluids for an intravenous drip.
    Chalmers Johnson’s book The Sorrows of Empire compares America’s current predicament with those of other over-extended empires. Empires decline not because of moral degeneracy but because they become too expensive to maintain. In a review of the book, Stanley Kutler, author of The Wars of Watergate, comments:
    Today’s leaders bristle at being characterized as imperialists yet curiously wax nostalgic about the good old days of the British Empire. Johnson cites Max Boot, author of a celebratory account of America’s various wars, touting the British as a model, when he remarked that “Afghanistan and other troubled lands today cry out for the sort of enlightened foreign administration once provided by self-confident Englishmen in jodhpurs and pith helmets.” Johnson wonders why then did the British with their jodhpurs and pith helmets fail in Afghanistan, as did the Russians, whether against Cossacks with swords or Soviets with missiles? Why did the British retreat from their empire in the 1950s, and why did the Soviets leave Afghanistan in the 1980s? In Johnson’s view, markets and profits were the prizes then, and nothing has changed.
    We’re hearing rumors that President Obama will announce an escalation of the war in Afghanistan, minus the jodhpurs and pith helmets. The likely argument against the new “surge” will be the money it will cost. There won’t be any new economic stimulus packages next year; whatever excess funds are available will be shunted off to bringing a better way of life to the brown people of Afghanistan. Will a black man pitch a White Man’s Burden argument?

  • gmoke

    Holiday Movies – Scrooge or Mr Potter in “It’s a Wonderful Life” are both parts that Cheney could play.
    Balancing the Capitol on its point or an arrow falling into the blue.
    Niall Ferguson is another Brit with a line of patter telling the US what it should and shouldn’t do. Krugman considers his work on economics to be a joke and I suspect his grasp of history may be the same. Strikes me as another chest beating chicken hawk happy to spill others’ blood.

  • Kit (Keep It Trill)

    When I saw the pic, my instant reaction was at least it’s not of the White House.
    Michael, what you said in the last sentence reminds me of this great James Pence youtube video, “If I Were A Terrorist

  • monotone

    Wiki: “During 2008-2009 Newsweek undertook a dramatic restructuring of its business. Citing difficulties in competing with online news sources to provide unique news in a weekly publication, the magazine repositioned its content towards opinion and commentary beginning with its May 24, 2009 issue. It shrank its subscriber rate base, from 3.1 million to 2.6 million in early 2008 (down 500,000), then to 1.9 million in July 2009 (down 700,000) and will shrink to 1.5 million in January 2010 (down 400K); for a decline of 50% in one year. During this period the magazine also laid off some of its staff. While advertising revenues are down almost 50% compared to the prior year, expenses are also diminishing in a planned strategy that the publishers hope will return Newsweek to profitability.
    NYTimes, Glimmers of Progress at a Leaner Newsweek : “Mr. Meacham [editor] and Mr. Ascheim [CEO] say that renewal rates are high, despite the price increases, and surveys show that readers like the revamped magazine. But in a business heavily dependent on advertising, that may not be enough. The Internet has given publications more readers than ever, while siphoning away print readers and generating little revenue. “One of the tragic elements of the current crisis is that we have never had as many engaged readers as we do now,” Mr. Meacham said. “But it’s clear that the entire media business is facing an unprecedented shift in the economics.”
    The Capitol’s not “upside down,” Michael. The frigging magazine [business], itself is “upside down,” literally. This cover is a pure psychological projection of their own dilemma (^_^)

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    Kit, I’d say that’s right on the money.

  • gmoke

    “‘One of the tragic elements of the current crisis is that we have never had as many engaged readers as we do now,’ Mr. Meacham said.”
    To my knowledge, none of the existing print or TV media have realized that the model has changed from a commodity economy to a relationship economy. They cannot leverage reader engagement into a working community that can be monetized in some way. Too bad. The model that works is the one perfected by the Grateful Dead: support your fans, including those who are taping and trading your music, and build a relationship of trust with that fanbase. That fanbase will, in turn, come out to your concerts, buy your official recordings as well as bootlegs, and make you one of the most successful touring bands year after year after year.
    If Parson Meacham treated his engaged readership the same way, Newsweek would not be diminishing. Unfortunately, all the journalists I’ve met have been extremely defensive and not eager to listen to criticism from their audience. The only relationship they want with their readers is a passive one where they write and you read with maybe a letter of praise every once in a blue moon.

  • Rafael

    At least a MSM outlet admits the truth, America is an Empire and it is falling. Of course it omits the biggest reason why Empire fall, self-destructive wars of conquest.

  • yg

    cant find it now but one of the protest signs seen during the teabagger marches mimicked the acorn logo with an upside down capitol dome. is that where newsweek got the concept? what’s next? obama as a witch doctor on the cover?

  • yg

    niall cold bloodedly dismissed the iraq & afghanistan war as “trivial conflicts.” how he retains any more credibility after that is beyond me. he’s not even an economist. the overly pampered & privileged dilettante can go to hell.
    all the right has is fear. they want the economy to collapse. that’s their only path back to power. all of this end of the world, sky is falling rhetoric – that omits their own responsibility for laying the table that lead to our present condition – is in stark contrast to their previous insistence that “the fundamentals of the economy are strong” rhetoric that espoused whilst they were in power that exposed their level of denial. they went from “nothing is wrong” to “obama is destroying the country!” in a blink of an eye.

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