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November 1, 2009

Douglas L. Hoffman's America

Doug Hoffman.jpg

(Click for ginormous size)

Doug Hoffman, the congressional candidate in upstate NY, and this week’s now fuel-injected darling of the radical right, has three personal photos on his campaign media page.

The one above is virtually identical to one of the others except the other version is in color and seems to capture Doug another year or two older. The third photo touts Doug as a military veteran wearing a National Guard uniform and standing in front of a mantle full of photos beside a Christmas tree.

Given the “double exposure,” Hoffman and his campaign couldn’t put more weight on this scene. As a Palin, Beck, Kristol, Bachmann, Malkin, Armey, WSJ and even Thompson-infused right-wing election calling card, it screams “Andy of Mayberry.” With a hat tip to big oil, and professing complete ignorance as to the irony of a now-bankrupt GM, it pines for a full inoculation of white bread nostalgia by torquing the clock back to 1950 with an adolescent testosterone twist.


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