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November 1, 2009

Douglas L. Hoffman’s America

Doug Hoffman.jpg

(Click for ginormous size)

Doug Hoffman, the congressional candidate in upstate NY, and this week’s now fuel-injected darling of the radical right, has three personal photos on his campaign media page.

The one above is virtually identical to one of the others except the other version is in color and seems to capture Doug another year or two older. The third photo touts Doug as a military veteran wearing a National Guard uniform and standing in front of a mantle full of photos beside a Christmas tree.

Given the “double exposure,” Hoffman and his campaign couldn’t put more weight on this scene. As a Palin, Beck, Kristol, Bachmann, Malkin, Armey, WSJ and even Thompson-infused right-wing election calling card, it screams “Andy of Mayberry.” With a hat tip to big oil, and professing complete ignorance as to the irony of a now-bankrupt GM, it pines for a full inoculation of white bread nostalgia by torquing the clock back to 1950 with an adolescent testosterone twist.


  • psychohistorian

    This was the same period when Firestone and Goodyear were paying congress critters to keep those nasty radial tires away from our shores. They succeeded for 10+ years.
    Have things changed at all?

  • statusquomustgo

    back when men were men and women were in the kitchen and blacks drank at different water fountains…. ahhhhhh his good old days are our nightmare days

  • DennisQ

    A Hoffman victory won’t be good for the Republicans. It will encourage similar internal squabbles among them. In other districts, they won’t have the leverage they have over the currently serving office-holder Dede Scozzafava. A more intransigent Republican will split the vote, allowing more Democrats to win.
    Hoffman’s unlikely to succeed as a practical politician. For instance, his opposition to reproductive choice will be seen as a move to restore back-alley abortions. Hoffman also refuses to commit himself on foreign policy issues. He supports the war on terror, but dances around questions of how it should be prosecuted. Was Iraq a mistake? His website is cagey, “We are past the point of pointing fingers over how we got to where we are in Iraq and Afghanistan . . .”
    Conservatives are putting a lot of chips behind a somewhat geeky-looking guy who waffles on important issues. A victory for Hoffman would set the right wing house against itself, and that would be a good thing.

  • janinsanfran

    How old is this guy? Photo looks like a 50s kid’s dream.

  • yg

    this fred thompson endorsement was too funny:
    “Big government. High taxes. Deficits. Broken promises. America’s in trouble. So when your grandchildren ask you why you didn’t do something, be able to tell them that you voted for Doug Hoffman.
    come with hoffman if you want to live!
    i’ve never seen a bigger piece of fluff candidate than this guy. unsure, unsteady, unpracticed. he makes sarah palin look like a rhodes scholar by comparison.

  • Rab

    The photo is faked. The tiretreads shown weren’t available until 2 years after that GM model was introduced ;}

  • g

    He was born in 1953, according to Wikipedia. So at age sixteen, when he rebuilt that 1955 Chevy, it was 1969. The Christmas-in-uniform photos would have been during the early ’70s.
    Interesting how deliberately retro it all feels – I’m sure the intent is to evoke an earlier time than Nixon’s America.

  • Aurora

    What a cynical job of ‘branding’…(sigh)

  • Megan

    But that strange scratch on the photo surface (I assume)… He’s cut off at the knees.

  • KingElvis

    Most interesting aspect is what ‘g’ said: It seems like its doctored (’sepia toned’) somehow to make it seem like 1959 (an era of ‘innocence’ – if you don’t count the U2 spy plane incident) instead of 1969 – the year of Manson.
    But weren’t those green S&W stamps a form of communism?
    Alert the Club for Growth – tell them to excise that sign immediately!

  • g

    Oh, I don’t think he faked the photo – goodness knows, I have photos that scratched and faded from that era myself. But I think the photos he or his PR people chose were deliberately chosen to evoke a “pre-sixties” era – I find that very interesting from someone his age.
    Who is he trying to appeal to – a demographic a generation older than he? Is he deliberately turning away from his own generation and the memories we have (I was born in ‘54). Don’t forget that this picture was taken the same year as Woodstock, which took place just 260 or so miles away. Many of his classmates would have been long-haired hippies.

  • Vorhese

    Jesus people, I dislike the right just as much as anyone else. Maybe he’s just a car guy? I’m pretty damn liberal and own nothing but pre 60’s cars and motorcycles.

  • Jason

    American Muscle with some nerd standing next to it in front of his fathers tire/gas station? I can’t tell from this image. And to be clear, I don’t mean “nerd” in the sense that Obama might be the coolest nerd ever, I’m going more for the dork side of the equation. Since the constituents of Watertown, NY and the vast surrounding (hardly populated) areas have lost their former congressman to the Obama adminstration (Army Sec’t) it’s no wonder the teabaggers want to fill that void with their choice. This region is home to the 10th Moutain Division. These are hard fighting Americans who leave their spouses at home to live in this district. They deserve more than putting smiles on the faces of outsiders. VOTE!

  • Greybeard

    Is this the best you liberals can do? Bitch, piss, and moan about an ad? Your president has the fastest dropping popularity rating in American history, Harry Reid just announced they can’t be rushed (meaning, we can’t get the votes) on health care, etc. You’re screwed!!!!

  • g

    To quote Nelson Muntz – “Hah Hah!”

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